Elopement or wedding elopement : what is it?

Getting married in Paris just the two of you: yes, it’s possible.

More and more couples are looking for an authentic wedding and organise romantic getaways in Paris.


Elopement, what is it? And is it made for us?

We tell you everything in this article!


Where does elopement come from?

Like many trends we see in the wedding world, this one is no exception. It also comes from the United States. Remember those weddings in Las Vegas!

The elopement – to elope means to run away – has obviously evolved over the years and has been exported everywhere. Those intimate weddings arrived in France only about a decade ago.


Why organize an elopement in Paris?

Nowadays a wedding project is a real couple project. Couples organize a wedding at their image. It’s no longer a simple ceremony followed by a good meal and a festive evening.

It’s a story that is told through this wedding day. For some couples, this story will embrace 50, 100, 200 guests. For others, it’s a story that will be told to a handful of guests or even just the two of them: these are the elopements.

They are often organized to escape from family pressure, when family meetings are sometimes tensed. Or to enjoy the day, which is not necessarily the case when you invite 100-200 people.

It can be simply a desire for intimacy. For some couples, sharing this intimate moment is not an option.

elopement wedding in paris planner
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Marie Calfopoulos


An elopement will makes sense if it’s organized far from home. And preferably it’s organized in your dream place. It can be abroad or not, but don’t forget France which is full of beautiful places. Paris may seem like a cliché but don’t underestimate the iconic city of lovers.

But you should know that at Ceremonize, we specialise in elopement in Paris. Indeed, we have been accompanying international couples looking for elopement in Paris since 2009!

If you want to organize your elopement in Paris, take a look at our article “Planning your elopement”

But don’t hesitate to take advantage of our expertise and entrust us with the organization of your elopement in Paris.

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