How to take your wedding dress on a plane

So, you’ve decided to come to Paris for your wedding or symbolic ceremony. You’ve got a long journey ahead of you, and you’ll most likely end up taking the plane. So how do you take your wedding dress with you?


We’re going to give you some advice straight from the mouths of the brides we have worked with.


Firstly, don’t think that travelling should constrain the shape or size of your dress. Nothing is impossible!

Even a huge dress can work – just look at Sarah, who came to Paris from England. Doesn’t she look incredible?


While looking for your dress, don’t hesitate to tell vendors that you need to travel with it. Do they have a special box you can put it in? If not, you’ll need to find a suitcase big enough to fit your dress without too much creasing.


Don’t hesitate to ask the vendor to package the dress themselves, as they will know how to minimise creases.


Once you have arrived in Paris and are comfortably set up in your hotel room, you should take your dress out of its box/suitcase/packaging. This will help it breathe and prevent it from creasing any more than it may already have done.


If you don’t want your spouse-to-be to see your dress, you need to find a way to hide it– for example, you could dedicate an entire wardrobe to your dress and lock the doors.


Don’t assume that your hotel can iron your dress. So many brides have asked us if this is possible, but more often than not hotels will say no. Most importantly because they are scared of ruining or burning your dress, but also because they simply don’t have the right equipment. They’re used to ironing of course, but mostly shirts, trousers, and everyday clothes.


Our advice is to ask the hotel to give you an iron so you can take care of the ironing yourself. If not, you’ll have to bring one along with you.


However, if you’ve taken care when packaging your dress, any creases should be minimal.

If your dress has any chiffon parts, be sure to use the steam setting a few centimetres above the dress, rather than ironing it directly.

If your dress has defined pleats, place the dress on a hard surface and iron the folds directly.

Be sure to place a cloth between the dress and the iron – it will make life much easier for you!

Bon voyage!

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