The best places to photograph for your French elopement in Paris

The Eiffel Tower is the most iconic place in Paris, the capital of love. Wedding photos with the Iron Lady have become iconic.

To make these moments unique, you need to be accompanied by the right service providers. Ceremonize makes it a point of honour to select the best photographers in Paris for you, so that the magic continues even after the big day.  We introduce to you the places to photograph.


Place du Trocadero

The Place du Trocadero is by far the most photographed place for its breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower and its iconic steps. With its back to the majestic Iron Lady, it’s the perfect place to take a romantic photo of your elopement. Be careful as it’s also a touristic famous place, it’s very crowded.

In this picture we see a married couple in front of the Eiffel Tower
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva


Pyramid of the Louvre

This square offers a unique setting because of the symmetry and modern curves in the Cour Napoleon. The pyramid is light, majestic and particularly bright. No matter what the weather, wedding couples will look particularly elegant in such a setting.

In this picture we see a married couple in front of the Louvre pyramid
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva


The banks of the River Seine

It’s also nice to walk on the bank of river Seine. It’s generally not very crowded and the setting is beautiful. You, the Seine and the Iron Lady…what else? Moreover, you’ll probably be cheered and congratulated by tourists passing on river Seine and making a cruise. So romantic and funny.

In this picture we see a married couple on the banks of the Seine
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva


The flower gardens of the Eiffel Tower

How about posing from the sumptuous gardens of the Eiffel Tower? In a garden of roses or cherry blossom, there’s nothing like bringing a touch of romance to your photos. Just shoot from the bottom up so you don’t miss out on this wonderful sight.

spring cherry blossom for your wedding photo's
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva


Gourmet restaurants

From the colourful buildings to the café terraces, everything exudes charm and simplicity. The district of artists and French romanticism, Montmartre is full of these places. Lunching on the terrace of a high-class Parisian café, time seems to have stopped for your only love. All that remains is to capture this moment of romance.

Gourmet restaurants in Paris with a married couple
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Les pensées photographiques


The Parisian venues

The Parisian alleys are considered as one of the most prestigious in the world. They have a unique talent for combining elegance with a rich historical heritage. The architecture is extraordinary. One could well get lost in the beauty of its Haussmann style boulevards. From monuments to unusual alleys, the Parisian capital is full of surprises. Notre Dame, the Sacré Cœur for the most famous, its museums are also extraordinary… We invite you to contact us for more advice in the organisation of your elopement in Paris.


The sumptuous castle

If you thought that the Parisian capital was only made up of prestigious flats and buildings. Think again! Paris is home to many castles and architectural wonders. Usually surrounded by generous flowered estates, they are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for your wedding photos. From the staircase to the ceremony to the aerial photos, you are spoilt for choice.


Our wedding planner agency, Ceremonize, is more than ever at your service in the organisation of your wedding in Paris. Because it often takes just a little time to make everything perfect and that is why its pleasure for us to help you.



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