Organise your destination wedding in a French castle



Have you ever dreamed of getting married in a sumptuous French castle? A reception venue that fulfils all your wishes and requirements in terms of prestige,  yes, they all deserve to be fulfilled! In this article, we share with you some tips to make this dream come true with our four advice.

1)     French castle will bring you a breathtaking setup

Let’s go back to childhood! It’s likely that as you’ve grown up, you’ve given up on some of your childhood dreams. If that’s the case, we’ll help you recapture those wonderful memories by sharing with you all the possibilities that a French castle offers.

The breath-taking princess dress, the exceptional location and the lively music are all wishes that need to be fulfilled. The castle offers a breathtaking setting for your reception. A warm atmosphere in the splendour of its prestigious decorations and symmetrical gardens, where this unique ensemble lays the foundations for an idyllic destination wedding to Paris. Is there a more romantic place to get married? It may well be that this dream can surprise you and come true by being far more sublime than your wildest dreams.

We can see a sumptuous French castlePlanning : Ceremonize – Photo : Fred Porez


2) A Princess like wedding

Let yourself be charmed by the splendour of the French castles, the rooms are spacious and royal in style. The high walls add depth, an elegance that will make your wedding photos irresistible. The gardens are not to be outdone, vast and harmonious, their magnificent volumes are perfect for losing yourself in a love affair. Those authentic settings will set the tone for your wedding, especially if you like to do things in style! Excellence is the key!

We can see a french castle with its gardens
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Fred Porez


3) Hand-picked service providers

A unique opportunity to have an exceptional destination wedding in France, thanks to a top of the range service. We will accompany you throughout these stages to coordinate everything and ensure that everything is carried out correctly in each area of expertise. Because we share this demand for excellence. We fully assume our commitment by leaving you all the cards in your hand in the choice of your service providers according to your affinities. We take care of the expertise by putting you in touch with the best service providers. All of this is made possible thanks to the establishment of a list of Parisian artisans hand-picked for the quality of their service and their level of professionalism.

Wedding wows facing a majestic french castle
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Fred Porez


4) A fascinating destination wedding

What would a French castle be without all the history it carries. The strength of such a place is that it plunges us into a timeless space. It transports us into a magic that knows neither time nor the weight of years. For a brief moment, time stops, and this time is yours. Each of these moments is magical, imagine yourself descending the steps of the sublime staircase under the amazed eyes of your guests.

This prestigious place is full of history, which increases its symbolic value. Loaded with anecdotes and secrets, castles are an invitation to explore the fascinating stories that abound. The perfect opportunity to share moments in incredible spaces to serve your cocktails or commune around your symbolic ceremony and elopement.

Leaving you with the opportunity to keep ancestral traditions alive by writing your own in this extraordinary place. However, beware of bookings, the wedding season is back and many prestigious venues are extremely popular and booked in advance.

This is a wedding ceremony in a french castle
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Daria Lorman


We invite you to contact us if you wish to organise your destination wedding in this wonderful setting.

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