9 stunning places to organise your wedding ceremony in Paris

Paris offers majestic settings for a wedding ceremony. For the most of you, Paris is an unknown destination, so we guess it’s not easy to know where you can organise your ceremony.

Through this article, we reveal you the most iconic places where you could enjoy these unique moments.  A destination wedding in Paris has to be prepared in advance and it would be a shame to miss out, that’s why we reveal our tips.

We present you the most sumptuous places in Paris to organise your wedding ceremony.


1)    A romantic wedding ceremony in front of The Eiffel Tower

A breathtaking view of the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Elysee, who wouldn’t be excited to experience it all? This romantic date from the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower is waiting for you!  Enjoy exquisite food in these gourmet restaurants. Finally, the Eiffel Tower is also and above all an exceptional environment, banks of the Seine, country gardens, majestic monuments… You have to experience it to understand it!



2)  The Jardins du Trocadero

The Jardins du Trocadero are perfect if you want to enjoy a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower in an intimate setting. Carousel, children’s playground, shrubs to shelter you from the sun. There is no shortage of charming spaces! These gardens have a very beautiful aesthetic, a little game of symmetry reveals all its treasures…


3)  The Medici Fountain

The Medici Fountain was built by Queen Catherine Medicis. This monument blends with nature to bring out the sweet poetry of the Italian inspirations of her childhood. Paris has in this sweet mixture artists who innovate ceaselessly to share the most notes of their works. The most illustrious poets came here to find inspiration, such as Victor Hugo or Musset.


4)   Jardins du Luxembourg

The Medici Fountain is in the Luxembourg Gardens. The Queen designed the gardens to have two sides, the French and the English garden. Orchids and roses will accompany you in this colourful setting. It’s hard not to succumb to the charm of the gardens.



5)    Jardins des Tuileries

The Tuileries Garden links two mythical monuments, the Louvre and the Place du Concorde. This place provides a very intimate and bucolic setting. You will find along the alley many statues with soft colours. This atmosphere is perfect for lovers of the charm of yesteryear. This beauty is even more beautiful near the small pools during the golden hour.

6)    Montmartre

Montmartre at dawn, a pure delight. This spot opens onto an extraordinary view of Paris. This busy artists’ quarter is best visited when the city awakens, at the first light of the sun. You will be able to experience the romance of the perspective effects that such a place has to offer.


7)    Quais de Seine

Visiting Paris without passing by the Quays of Seine would be a monumental mistake. This river is like the heart of Paris. They vibrate at the same frequency as all the great events of the capital of love.  Day or night, it has unexpected surprises, open-air ballroom dancing classes, saxophonists, everything is different, not to say dazzling. It would be a real shame to miss out, so think about it for your photo shoot.

French elopement on the Quays of Seine


8)   Louvre Museum

The Louvre, what would Paris be without the Louvre. Its glass pyramid has become a favourite spot for lovers. An ideal place if you like that little timeless effect. The courtyard of the Louvre is a place where the possibilities are infinite, because everything is majestic, the walls, the stairs, the style of the doors…


9) Parc de Bagatelle

This little hidden paradise is located on the edge of Paris. The park is so peaceful that you almost forget its proximity to the capital of love! If you are looking for a little green space in an intimate setting, we strongly encourage you to choose this place. The country walks are as romantic as you could wish for in any season. Beautiful peacocks strut around the place for our greatest pleasure. This place is so discreet that many Parisians still ignore its existence.




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