10 things to do 15 days before your wedding

10 things to do 15 days before your wedding

This is the 10 things you should do before your wedding day. Everything to be prepared, relaxed and have the most fun on your wedding day. 1. TIPS FOR THE BRIDES:   1. Do pamper yourself: Go book every appointment to be ready for the big day, go get your manicure and pedicure done, and […]

Why people get married in Paris ? Always a good idea ?

Why people get married in Paris ? Always a good idea ?

Today, we will share with you the 3 main reasons as to why American people love to get married in Paris.   Cuisine and culinary culture of Paris: The thing that anyone notices by traveling around the world and by discovering the different culinary specialties is that France and in particular Paris is well-known for […]

Organising a honeymoon in Paris: 5 days

Honeymoon in Paris

If you plan on coming to Paris and organise a honeymoon there, you have to make sure that you don’t miss on some things. Here in Paris, there are many things to do in term of activities, restaurants, monuments etc. So, we did for you a 5 days program for your honeymoon in Paris.  1. […]

A custom-made fairytale in Paris

September 8th, 2022, marks the date where Celeste & Sean decided to tie the knot 4 years after they got engaged. It was an honor to be part of such a great day and celebrate their love in a castle near Paris. It felt like a true fairy tale but still simple and intimate with […]

Proposal ideas at Christmas season in Paris 

proposal ideas christmas edition

It would be so beautiful to be proposed to at a lovely season like Christmas is in Paris city of love. With all of the Christmas movies with a cute love story we saw, getting proposed around that time will make a lot of women/men happy. The atmosphere around Christmas is unmatched so it is […]

How to celebrate like a real parisian: wedding Edition

Celebrate love in Paris in front of the eiffel tower

You want to celebrate your union with your partner and you want to do so with the French charm? Here is how to get married in Paris. You will know what to eat, what style to adopt, which transports to use and do everything like a real Parisian. Paris is known for its charming and […]

The most glamorous short hair wedding styles in 2023

Glamorous short hairstyle for your wedding day

Sometimes it’s hard to find your way around for brides with short hair. Whatever your hair length, we can help you find your casual chic hairstyle. Recognisable at first glance, it has that je ne sais quoi that combines simplicity and natural elegance. It’s perfect for those who want to show off their short hair. […]

Bachelorette trip: how to plan a bachelorette trip?

Bachehlorette party on fire

The bachelorette party is part of the most important things to take in consideration when you decide to get married. That is something that can be really overwhelming for some people. A responsibility often given to the bridesmaids. We found you three different programs that you can follow for a bachelorette party in Paris, no […]

Birdesmaids proposal: how to ask to be my bridesmaid

Photos with the bridesmaids and the bride at the Louvre

When preparing your big day you have to ask yourself who is going to be my bridesmaids and how to ask them to accept this role and the responsibilities that go with it. Here you will learn what the bridesmaids’ role is, how to choose your maids of honor, and how to ask them to […]

The 6 Reasons why French wedding is so trendy

On this picture, a married couple shares a moment of complicity and tenderness

Many couples dream of eloping to a faraway destination where they can exchange their vows in the presence of friends and family! If the idea of hopping on a plane and getting married somewhere else than your hometown appeals to you, then, we’re embarking on this article to give you 6 reasons why many couples […]