Can an American get legally married in France ?

For many romantics, the idea of eloping to Paris for an intimate wedding is the height of a fairy tale marriage. You can always find out here, in a previous blog article why is Paris the perfect place to elope But can Americans really make this dream come true? The answer is yes! Paris, the […]

Destination Wedding: 5 convincing reasons to hire a wedding planner

Organizing a wedding is already a complex task in itself, but planning a destination wedding can add an extra layer of challenges. This is where the essential role of a wedding planner specializing in destination weddings comes in. Here are five compelling reasons why you should seriously consider hiring their services.   Local wedding expertise […]

How to choose the perfect wedding bouquet : a comprehensive guide

Flowers play a central role in creating the magical atmosphere of a wedding. From the bride’s bouquet to the decoration of the ceremony and reception, every floral choice contributes to the overall aesthetic of the event. To help you choose the flowers that will reflect your style and create an unforgettable atmosphere, here’s a complete […]

6 most common questions about Winter Weddings.

Couple surround by Christmas trees

November is approaching and so are questions about winter weddings too. In this article, we will try to give you as many answers that we can give you about this topic: Winter Weddings.   To us, winter weddings are magical but when we ask people on this subject it’s all about coldness, white, freezing and […]

Why hire a wedding planner?

Virginie Mention, the head of ceremonize

Wedding planning becomes very popular on the social media. You can see many videos about how to organize your wedding, some tips for you D day. However, do you know the job of wedding planner? What tips could a wedding planner says to you that influencers don’t know? In this blog, we will show you […]

10 things to do 15 days before your wedding

10 things to do 15 days before your wedding

This is the 10 things you should do before your wedding day. Everything to be prepared, relaxed and have the most fun on your wedding day. 1. TIPS FOR THE BRIDES:   1. Do pamper yourself: Go book every appointment to be ready for the big day, go get your manicure and pedicure done, and […]

Why people get married in Paris ? Always a good idea ?

Why people get married in Paris ? Always a good idea ?

Today, we will share with you the 3 main reasons as to why American people love to get married in Paris.   Cuisine and culinary culture of Paris: The thing that anyone notices by traveling around the world and by discovering the different culinary specialties is that France and in particular Paris is well-known for […]

Organising a honeymoon in Paris: 5 days

Honeymoon in Paris

If you plan on coming to Paris and organise a honeymoon there, you have to make sure that you don’t miss on some things. Here in Paris, there are many things to do in term of activities, restaurants, monuments etc. So, we did for you a 5 days program for your honeymoon in Paris.  1. […]

A custom-made fairytale in Paris

September 8th, 2022, marks the date where Celeste & Sean decided to tie the knot 4 years after they got engaged. It was an honor to be part of such a great day and celebrate their love in a castle near Paris. It felt like a true fairy tale but still simple and intimate with […]

Proposal ideas at Christmas season in Paris 

proposal ideas christmas edition

It would be so beautiful to be proposed to at a lovely season like Christmas is in Paris city of love. With all of the Christmas movies with a cute love story we saw, getting proposed around that time will make a lot of women/men happy. The atmosphere around Christmas is unmatched so it is […]