How to organise your incredible wedding abroad ?

On this picture a wedding ceremony in a french town hall

More and more couples dream of a wedding abroad, with a view of the Eiffel Tower, or celebrating their love in the sand or on top of a mountain. It takes some planning and preparation if you’re abroad, but it’s possible! In this article, you will find our tips to organise your wedding abroad.   […]

Is the spring cherry blossom the most glamorous wedding in Paris?

In this photo, we see a married couple kissing under a spring cherry blossom in Paris.

The spring cherry blossom is a rare beauty. Its ephemeral bloom transforms its landscape, a godsend for all those with a romantic soul. This spectacle of nature offers a breathtaking view of Paris and its small French gardens. It is an invitation to see life in pink. The bride and groom will only have to […]

Organise your destination wedding in a French castle

We can see a wedding couple in front of a french castle

    Have you ever dreamed of getting married in a sumptuous French castle? A reception venue that fulfils all your wishes and requirements in terms of prestige,  yes, they all deserve to be fulfilled! In this article, we share with you some tips to make this dream come true with our four advice. 1) […]

How to plan your french wedding in record time?

This is a photo of a married couple exchanging a sweet kiss in the capital of love, Paris

You want to plan your Parisian wedding in record time. Because you can’t imagine living without your other half any longer. Waiting two years to work out every detail seems unbearable. All the more so, as external constraints may make it necessary to get married quickly, to follow the customs of your culture, a postponement […]

Real intimate wedding in Paris with few relatives

planning an elopement in paris

Each couple has their own vision of its wedding day. That’s why we love to treat our brides and grooms as unique couples. Even if we propose elopement wedding packages here in Paris, each elopement is really different and we really love to craft it in the very details. Today we wanted to present you […]

Real elopement in Paris : Amy & Jordan

elopement paris wedding packages

When we welcomed Amy, Jordan and their family in Paris a few days before the big day, the weather was so….unexpected! Extremely cold for an April month supposed being nice as the Spring smoothly arrives. So here at Ceremonize we were a bit nervous about the wedding day weather. But Amy and Jordan, freshly arriving […]

6 original ideas to organise an unusual wedding

intimate wedding reception paris

You dream of a very special wedding?   More and more couples that we assist ask us to organise an unusual wedding in Paris that match their profile. The word “unusual” takes a different meaning according to each couple.

Winter weddings in Paris

What could be more magical than a winter wedding in Paris (if lucky snow-covered) during the end-of-year festivities?   A Winter wedding could never be anything other than a beautiful fairy tale, with such a joyful, celebratory atmosphere, and all the Christmas market stalls in cosy colours. Our Paris agency is here to give you […]