Why people get married in Paris ? Always a good idea ?

Today, we will share with you the 3 main reasons as to why American people love to get married in Paris.


Cuisine and culinary culture of Paris:

The thing that anyone notices by traveling around the world and by discovering the different culinary specialties is that France and in particular Paris is well-known for its supreme level in food and culinary culture. Anyone trying a pastry or a good old French meal will fall in love with the French cuisine and also the culture of the city of love. The various foreigners that come and get married in Paris naturally pass through a ceremony dinner in one of many exceptional restaurants in Paris that will make you live a unique trip.


Paris, the city of love:

First of all, the art and romance are deeply rooted in the Parisian culture. If you explore the Parisian districts, you will discover romanticism at every street’s corner. Indeed, the Parisian romanticism calls on each of your senses, the sight, taste, sound.  Many people consider the French as the official language of romance in the world, the lover language. A lot of movies capture the romance essence of Paris.

The city is the ideal setting for romantic movies, inspired of the real ambiance of Paris. Certainly, Americans love France but they mainly love the myth of the French love that we can see in movies like Un Américain à Paris, À bout de souffle, Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.


Why people loves to get married in Paris
wedding planner: Cerermonize

Weddings are always magical in Paris:

You can get married anywhere in the world but if there is one destination to celebrate Love, it is Paris. There are many ways to enjoy your big day, you can personalize your wedding exactly like your dreams. Ceremonize will be in charge of every details to make sure you have the perfect ceremony.

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