6 most common questions about Winter Weddings.

November is approaching and so are questions about winter weddings too. In this article, we will try to give you as many answers that we can give you about this topic: Winter Weddings.


To us, winter weddings are magical but when we ask people on this subject it’s all about coldness, white, freezing and platonic. So, if it’s really like this that people imagine a winter wedding, why some of us plan their wedding in December or in January when the temperatures are as low as a fridge?


  • How to plan a Winter Wedding?


Planning a winter wedding is not as different as other weddings. You have to be organized and anticipate the dates for your guests. If you plan to marry during vacation, your guests have to save the date 3-4 months before.

You have to be prepared with a plan B or C because winter have not a gentle weather. It can rain or snow and thus, your guests cannot be here.


Couple surround by Christmas trees
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : les pensées créatives



  • Are Winter Weddings cheaper than other seasonal weddings?


To be honest, not really. It will depend on the date of course but if your plans are to be married in Paris during Christmas, we can assure you that the flights will be more expensive than in March.


Like others seasonal weddings, organizing you wedding in winter means that you have to spend your money for your guests. In summer you will probably have to buy some fan or invest in an ice machine, for winter you can give some blankets or hot cocoa.


Wedding in cold weather. Bride and groom holding cups
Photo : libre de droit


  • What do I have to wear for a Winter Wedding?


For women guests, you can wear a beautiful long dress with sleeves. You can accessorize your attire with gloves, hat or a coat.


For men guests, you can opt for a wool suit. You can also add gloves too or replace your cotton socks by wool socks.


Wedding dress withsleeves
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva


  • Which shoes do I have to wear during a Winter Wedding?


Is it clear that you will probably not wear your incredible heeled sandals but if you really want to, you can wear a pair of silk socks to add some originality to your outfit. Otherwise you can wear some boots, ankle boots or derbies. You can choose between being classy or original.


Bride white boots
Photo : libre de droit


  • What are the colors for a Winter Wedding?


Overall, winter means light colors like white, silver or grey. But you can add some colors too! In 2023, there is plenty of pop colors that are trendy. For examples peacock blue, bottle green, camel, burgundy or purple.


You can also add a little gold touch to picture a cozy and warm place.


Winter Wedding decoration
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Ludovic Ismael


  • What are the Winter flowers?


If you want to have a beautiful winter wedding avenue with a floral mix or a wonderful bouquet, you can mix theses winter flowers together: Amaryllis, Anemone, Camellias, Casablanca lilies, forget-me-not, jasmine or Roses.

There are other winter flowers of course but these are the most used for winter weddings.



Winter wedding flowers
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Fred Porez


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