Can an American get legally married in France ?

For many romantics, the idea of eloping to Paris for an intimate wedding is the height of a fairy tale marriage. You can always find out here, in a previous blog article why is Paris the perfect place to elope But can Americans really make this dream come true? The answer is yes! Paris, the […]

What’s the budget for a wedding in Paris ?

How much does it cost to get married in Paris

In the world of destination weddings and elopements, couples often find themselves pondering crucial questions : how much does it cost to get married in Paris ? Is it expensive to get married in Paris? As an experienced wedding planner team in Paris specializing in orchestrating romantic weddings for American couples in Paris, we’ve encountered […]

Organizing a rehearsal dinner for a destination wedding

A destination wedding is a magical occasion that allows couples to celebrate their love in a beautiful and exotic setting. However, planning a wedding away from home can also be challenging, especially when it comes to organizing events like the rehearsal dinner. Here are some tips for organizing an unforgettable rehearsal dinner for your destination […]

10 tips for an unforgettable honeymoon

Honeymoon tips by CEREMONIZE

The honeymoon is a magical moment that marks the beginning of life together for the newlyweds. As a wedding planner, Ceremonize knows how essential it is to create unforgettable memories. Here are a few tips to help couples plan a honeymoon that will stay in their hearts forever.   Start planning early Start honeymoon planning […]

Destination Wedding: 5 convincing reasons to hire a wedding planner

Organizing a wedding is already a complex task in itself, but planning a destination wedding can add an extra layer of challenges. This is where the essential role of a wedding planner specializing in destination weddings comes in. Here are five compelling reasons why you should seriously consider hiring their services.   Local wedding expertise […]

7 tips on how to deal with pre-wedding stress

Weddings are magical moments that celebrate love and commitment, but they often come with their fair share of stress. Here are some invaluable tips to help you manage pre-wedding stress and fully enjoy this unique moment in your life.    Start early and make a list The key to managing pre-wedding stress is systematic planning. […]

Establishing a Wedding guest list: Practical guide for an unforgettable day

Creating the wedding guest list is one of the crucial first steps in wedding planning. It is a task that requires thought and organization as it directly influences the dynamics and atmosphere of your special day. Follow this practical guide to establish a wedding guest list that reflects your desires and ensures an unforgettable celebration. […]

How to choose the perfect wedding bouquet : a comprehensive guide

Flowers play a central role in creating the magical atmosphere of a wedding. From the bride’s bouquet to the decoration of the ceremony and reception, every floral choice contributes to the overall aesthetic of the event. To help you choose the flowers that will reflect your style and create an unforgettable atmosphere, here’s a complete […]

Who to invite to my elopement ?

When planning an elopement, which is typically characterized by an intimate and discreet ceremony, the choice of guests takes on particular importance. Will it be just the 2 of you, with a handful of close relatives or something bigger but still intimate? Here are some ideas to help you decide who to invite to your […]

6 most common questions asked when you are a future groom.

A groom with only a vest in front of the Eiffel Tour

It is normal to have some question before becoming a groom. What should I do during the ceremony? Do my groomsmen wear the same outfit as me? Will I cry? All these questions without answers… But you are on the right page. As a wedding professional, we will answer the most asked questions about being […]