How to plan a winter wedding in Paris

Winter in Paris are cold but still magical if you want to have your own winter wonderland. Weddings can be difficult to organize even more at winter times so here is how to do it:


1. Embrace the winter weather in Paris:


1. Winter color palette:

You chose to get married in winter so you must go with it and embrace every part of marrying in that season. When we think about winter we think about coziness, hot drinks, colder times and festivities. If you choose to marry in winter you have to embrace the natural winter palettes so white, sage and emerald greens, a bright red, burgundy and navy blue. You can take that in mind with and some patterns and pops of color for your wedding décor.

For more magical moments you can also have an indoor/ outdoor wedding and enjoy the landscape and be nice and warm at the same time.


2. Bring the coziness:

For your wedding to feel cozy you must bring textures to your wedding décor and help your guest out by providing blankets or hand warmers to make sure everyone can enjoy the party without dying of cold. Don’t hesitate to put festive touches in your décor on the tables, the napkins, centerpieces, have a lot of candles and leds etc.

You have to be conscious of what a winter wedding includes, you have to make sure that everyone can enjoy proprely the wedding so it is so important to bring warmth with  the candles, and provide blankets, choose warmer object decor etc.


2. What to eat at a winter wedding:

As for the drinks, you can do a classic champagne tower which is a fun and cute way of displaying the drinks and a good decor as it.  It can be perfect for the season and the practicity to have a hot drink bar and propose different hot drinks and toppings. That will keep the guests warm and have something to sip on that is not alcohol.

For the wedding, i will recomend you having a nude cake or an all white one with maybe some seasonal accent like holly, greenaries or some textures and colors like greens and reds.


3.What to wear at your winter wedding in Paris:

Winters in Paris are pretty cold so if you want to get married in paris at that time, you will have to dress on the spot. Wear a long sleeve dress or a statement coat, you don’t want to get cold by having a simple short sleeve dress, there are a lot of long sleeve dresses trendy that can fit perfectly in your winter wedding without being less beautiful than another.

And it is the same statement for your bridesmaids, don’t let them get frizzing cold and provide for them a dress that they can rock, feel great and be hot in it.

And if you are not totally in love with the idea of layering a coat, a faux fur or having a long sleeve dress you can totally rock the two piece blazer set. We personally love that idea of marrying in a style beautiful but warmer and more practical attire like the blazer set. Here is a picture of a bride in a suit that we really loved.


Mariage d'hiver en tailleur
wedding planner: Ceremonize


Tips for a winter wonderland wedding:

  • Prefer large tables, it brings warmth, conviviality and will help putting a seasonal atmosphere into it.
  • Make your wedding photos in the snow or up to a climb for more magic.
  • Turn up a lot of candles/ chandeliers to warm up the guests and bing coziness.
  • A live swing band set up on a stage is glamorous and a solo saxophonist will be so much fun.
  • Dance the night away!


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