Winter weddings in Paris

What could be more magical than a winter wedding in Paris (if lucky snow-covered) during the end-of-year festivities?


A Winter wedding could never be anything other than a beautiful fairy tale, with such a joyful, celebratory atmosphere, and all the Christmas market stalls in cosy colours.

Our Paris agency is here to give you some advice on how to organise this dream come true.


organize a winter wedding in Paris


Choosing your wedding dress

It goes without saying that a Winter wedding dress needs to be warmer than one you would wear in Summer. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still look like a princess.

Opt for a dress with lace, ¾ length sleeves and a lace-lined high neckline. Choose one with lots of layers of petticoat to keep you nice and cosy.

The most important piece of clothing for a winter wedding is obviously outerwear. A chic retro option is a white fake fur jacket that will go perfectly with your snowy backdrop. But you could also go for a long coat or cape with a train, either in the colour of your dress or a slightly warmer hue (such as gold, cream, or Bordeaux).

Don’t forget your snowy white gloves!


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Choosing your shoes

In winter, wearing open heels can be problematic. We would recommend ‘50s style booties for a retro touch. And if you prefer a modern look from head to toe, why not choose a pair of heeled ankle boots in your wedding dress colours?


Winter accessories

It’s going to get chilly! Accessories give you the perfect chance to dress up and stay warm.

You might want to consider taking a scarf – a fitting accessory for a bride. You can choose a fabric that ties in with your dress, or the coat you have chosen. Or, your scarf can be a statement piece (think bold colours, rich patterns…).


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If you’re thinking of getting married in Paris in winter, don’t hesitate to call us. We would be thrilled to help you plan the perfect day.

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