A custom-made fairytale in Paris

September 8th, 2022, marks the date where Celeste & Sean decided to tie the knot 4 years after they got engaged. It was an honor to be part of such a great day and celebrate their love in a castle near Paris. It felt like a true fairy tale but still simple and intimate with only the closest friends and family. 

We asked them a few questions about the day of, the coordination with Virginie and tips they would have for you, futur brides and groom. Here are the asnwers.


1 – Why did you decide to come in Paris for your elopement? 

We originally planned to have a traditional wedding in Australia, but we decided it was important to save for a home first, before having the wedding. 

After buying our home last year we were eager to get married as soon as possible, as we had been engaged for almost 4 years and we wanted to get married before starting a family. We didn’t have the money to have the wedding that we initially envisioned and knew it would be a long time before we could save enough money to have a wedding.  

Not long after buying our home, both our very close friends announced that they were getting married in Europe 8 weeks apart.  

We realized then that this was the opportunity for us to have an amazing trip overseas and have our wedding and honeymoon at the same time.  


We both loved the thought of getting married in France due to all the beautiful scenery and all the possible locations that would make a beautiful wedding. Celeste also has a Mauritian (French speaking Island) background so feels a connection with France and planned for many years to go to Paris with her Mum.  


Celeste & Sean a custom fairytale in Paris

2 – How was the planning with Virginie (did you find easy to communicate? To organize the ceremony despite the distance? ….) 

As we were trying to plan a wedding from the other side of the world (Australia), it was very daunting to know where to start with the planning. It was perfect when we discovered Virginie in our online searches. Virginie was amazing to work with. She was attentive and quick to reply to emails (even with the time difference between us). She answered our many questions and really made us feel at ease. 

We told Virginie what we envisioned, and she sorted out all the rest and provided us with exactly everything that we wanted.  

Virginie communicated with all the vendors on our behalf, which was very helpful, especially since we do not speak French. We felt that we could put all our trust in her and that she would make the day run perfectly.  


Planning: Ceremonize

3 - How was your wedding day, how did you live it? 

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect. We were both relaxed and everything went to plan perfectly. 

It was everything that we wished for and more. The château where our ceremony was held was stunning and looked as though it was out of a fairy tale. The ceremony was written beautifully by Virginie, and she even surprised us with a verse in French.  

The evening consisted of a lovely traditional French meal at a restaurant in Paris that Virginie specially chose for us after discussing our vision for the day. 

Planning: Ceremonize


4 – Any tips about the day?

Our tips for other couples are: 

– Have a quiet night the night before your wedding  

– Try to relax on your wedding day and enjoy the special moments with your partner, family and friends 

– Don’t let small things that may go wrong ruin your whole day 

– Pick a location that you love and that will look great in photos 

– A good photographer and videographer are important so that you capture and remember every moment  

– Put your trust in Virginie 

– Remember to have fun and laugh on the day! 

Planning: Ceremonize


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