10 things to do 15 days before your wedding

This is the 10 things you should do before your wedding day. Everything to be prepared, relaxed and have the most fun on your wedding day.



1. Do pamper yourself:

Go book every appointment to be ready for the big day, go get your manicure and pedicure done, and go do your eyelashes, go to the dermaplaning and book a facial treatment. You can also go for a day at the spa with friends, your boyfriend or someone of the family. You have to maintain a good amount of sleeping hours. It is also mandatory to do a hair and makeup test and even a wedding nail test months before the wedding.


Everything the bride have to before the big wedding day


2. Don’t forget to call all your vendors before the wedding:

Try to use time to call your vendors and make sure that everything is set and done for the big day and have a recap of the details. Call your videographer, photographer, the wedding cake maker, the venue, every person that have a role to play in your wedding day. 

3. Avoid any wedding tasks: 

Do prepare a list of every vendors details Infos and give it to one of your main guest so that you can be prepared in case of problem: lateness, withdrawal etc. That way problem can be resolved without you being worried because you have designated someone to help. To avoid those problems too you can also hire a wedding planner. We have been wedding planners and Officiant for a long time now and it will be great for us to plan your wedding the way you want but stress free ;). 


4. Try to relax a maximum: 

It is important to have moment when you can enjoy time before the big day and not being pumped out by the stress of the wedding. You have to make time for a movie night with your future husband, try to watch movies that make you both laugh. Take some yoga classes or a YouTube tutorial, it will help with your stress, help you keep a good shape and some alone time. Make sure to have time for only your partners and you. 


5. Do some wedding rehearsals: 

Do a wedding dance rehearsal, a vow relecture, start decorating the venue and prepare your suitcases for the honeymoon after the wedding. Try again your wedding and make sure that it fits. 




1. Book everything for the honeymoon: 

If you chose to do a honeymoon after the wedding, you will have to make sure everything is set, booked and done before the wedding so that you can enjoy the moment without any stress and be sure that that task is fully complete. 


2. Do a haircut and a beard trim: 

The groom also needs to do a hair trim before the wedding and I would even say hair cut test months before the wedding so that you can know exactly what haircut you want for the big day. Also, try to have your trim days before the wedding so that you can let the hair grow a little bit and it would be much better.


Everything the groom has to do before the wedding day

 3. Buy your groomsmen a gift too:

That is something always done by the bride for her bridesmaids but not always done for the groomsmen which is a pity. It is nice to have something to give to your friends, and family involved to make them feel a bit special and thanks them for the help they may have given. Choose something they would love and use. 


4. Do not experiment less than a week before the wedding:

Before the wedding you don’t want to have to deal with a crazy skin rash, an allergic reaction to a cream or an ingredient. You have to stick to what you know, you love and works for you. The last thing you want is to feel low on your wedding day. 


5. Go for a night-out with the boys/ girls:

Have a last night out with the girls or the boys before the wedding. Why? Because it is important to spend time with your love ones, with the wedding preparation, the honeymoon etc. you may have not been out for a long time now and because it takes away stress. 

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