Proposal ideas at Christmas season in Paris 

It would be so beautiful to be proposed to at a lovely season like Christmas is in Paris city of love. With all of the Christmas movies with a cute love story we saw, getting proposed around that time will make a lot of women/men happy. The atmosphere around Christmas is unmatched so it is a great idea to plan a proposal for your love one before or after it. 

As human beings we love to feel that we are special, we seek for attentions and love to be loved. So, you have to plan something that you know your partner will love and not just copy paste what you saw on social Medias.  

1. How to organise a proposal in Paris: 

It can be so hard to plan a proposal and have to lie to your life partner for many days or weeks so we will recommend you telling someone you trust and can help you with your partner’s taste. You will need the help of her mom, sister or best-friend forever to help you out with the planning, ring shopping and keeping her busy at the same time.  

2. Ring shopping: 

If you have never talked about what kind of rings, she/he would love, try to come ring shopping with someone that really knows her and just to have a second advice. Paris is the perfect place to go ring shopping there are just too many great jewelry stores. It can be overwhelming shopping for that kind of stuff and for someone else so try to have a list of: the size she is, the metals she loves, if she loves more simple jewels or she loves to have fun with them, if she loves everything to be big. With that in mind you will drastically reduce to the potential rings she would love and then it is just feeling and tastes. 

3. When organising a proposal in Paris: 

There is not really THE perfect moment to propose, it just depends on you two, you can do something casual at home when you two are mentally and physically present, at a cute restaurant, at the beach, up to a mountain, during a trip, on a boat, it can be anywhere. You just have to ask yourself if you and your partner will love something intimate or you will love a proposal in Time square, NYC. 

You don’t have to give her some clues like “get your hair done”; “get your nails polish” etc. so she can be completely surprised. If she wants to be nice and cute for her photos you can plan your real proposal photos another day so you enjoy the moment, surprise her and still have memories photos. 

4. Proposal ideas: 

Obviously, we didn’t say that before but you can as a woman propose to your boyfriend too, you don’t have to wait for him to put the knee on the floor you can do it yourself. 


proposal ideas christmas season
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