An intimate wedding in Paris, the city of love: The story of Benna and Michael

Love can blossom in the most unexpected ways, even in the digital age. Benna and Michael embody this modern reality. Their story started almost a decade ago through social media marked the beginning of a beautiful love story that led them to Paris, the city where romantic dreams come true.


Benna & Michael

Benna and Michael’s story begins with a simple message on Instagram. After an initial step from Michael, their conversation quickly evolved into a romantic rendezvous. Since that day, their bond has only grown stronger, transforming them into a true team, partners, and best friends.


Wedding planner : CEREMONIZE ; Photograph : Morgane Kerhoas


The choice of Paris

Initially, their wedding plan was an elopement in Paris, an intimate ceremony for two. However, as they shared their plans with their loved ones, Benna and Michael discovered that many wished to join them in celebrating their love. Thus, their elopement evolved into an intimate wedding gathering twenty of their closest friends and family in Paris.

Why Paris? For Benna, Paris was the obvious choice. Having grown up abroad and lived in several countries, Paris embodied the essence of European romance. It was where Benna wanted to marry her soulmate, in one of her favorite cities in the world.

Wedding planner : CEREMONIZE ; Photograph : Morgane Kerhoas


A wedding planner for a personalized support

Planning a wedding, especially abroad, can be stressful. Thankfully, Benna and Michael were in good hands with Virginie, their dedicated wedding planner. Despite the challenges of transitioning from an elopement just the 2 of them to an intimate wedding in Paris, Virginie guided them with valuable advice and constant support. Email exchanges, phone calls—nothing was left to chance to ensure that their day was perfect.


Wedding planner : CEREMONIZE ; photograph : Morgane Kerhoas


Getting married in Paris

The big day began with palpable excitement as Benna and five of their loved ones prepared in their hotel. The makeup and hair team took charge, ensuring that every detail was perfect for this special moment.

At 4 p.m., the photographer and the vintage car joined the couple for a photo shoot in the streets of Paris. The couple asked us to choose the car for them and let the surprise. Not an easy task but we decided to go ahead with a vintage Mercedes that would perfectly match their personality. And bingo ! The locations were carefully selected based on Benna and Michael’s specific requests, as well as recommendations from Virginie and the photographer.

Meanwhile, the Ceremonize team ensured that everything was ready at the ceremony venue, welcoming guests with warmth and attention.


Wedding planner : CEREMONIZE ; Photograph : Morgane Kerhoas

After a memorable photo shoot, Benna and Michael were greeted with a small gift by Ceremonize at the bottom of the ceremony venue. Their emotions were palpable as they joined their loved ones, eagerly awaiting on the intimate balcony of the venue’s small garden.

Following a moving ceremony and some precious moments visiting the dinner venue with Virginie, it was time for Ceremonize and the newlyweds to bid farewell, with tears of joy and wishes for eternal happiness.


Wedding planner : CEREMONIZE ; Photograph : Morgane Kerhoas


Personalized Follow-Up for a personalized wedding

One key to the success of this wedding was personalized follow-up. Before the big day, a detailed questionnaire was sent to Benna and Michael to personalize every aspect of the ceremony. From clothing preferences to the vintage car tour itinerary, including flower choices, nothing was left to chance to ensure their day was unforgettable.


This intimate wedding in Paris will forever be etched in the memories of Benna, Michael, and their loved ones. A day filled with love, joy, and precious memories, made possible by the commitment and dedication of their wedding planner, Virginie, and the entire Ceremonize team.


Wedding planner : CEREMONIZE ; Photograph : Morgane Kerhoas


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