5 original ideas for your ring bearer

Rings are a symbol of your marriage, and they should be treated with respect in your ceremony. The traditional ring bearer pillow has been revisited over the past few years; here are the 5 most original trends for carrying your rings!

  1. The ring bearer pillow – revisited!

If you don’t fancy a ruffled ring pillow handmade-with-love by your grandmother, we don’t blame you. There are many alternative ring bearer pillows that are decorated, coloured, and modernised to your taste. In terms of fabrics, anything goes: satin or velvet make refined choices, lace or silk add a delicate touch, while tulle and ribbons are more traditional. As far as colours go, the world is your oyster. If you want to keep it classic, white or ivory is perfect. You could also match with the colours of your wedding theme.


  1. Ring boxes

    Crédit photo : Les Pensées Photographiques
    Crédit photo : Les Pensées Photographiques

We are seeing more and more ring boxes pop up in wedding ceremonies. As before, you can match the box with your theme; a wooden box would match a rustic wedding, while a glass one would be classy and elegant. You could always go back to the box your engagement ring came in, as a beautiful, symbolic gesture. Or you could personalise your new box with your initials, for example, or the date of your wedding painted or engraved on the box’s surface.


  1. Flowers

Flowers are everywhere in weddings, from ceremony to reception, so why not include them in your ring exchange? It is possible to transform a flower bouquet into a ring bearer. You can do it yourself, or ask your florist. Imagine your rings emerging from a stunning bouquet of roses, peonies, or whatever other flowers take your fancy. What a beautiful and elegant option!


  1. Marriage necklaces

If a ring bearing procedure isn’t a part of your wedding ceremony, you can carry the rings yourself. Attach them to a gold or silver chain or leather or satin ribbon, and wear them as a necklace. When the ring exchange takes place, you just need to take off your necklace and put the ring on your husband or wife’s finger. Unique and symbolic!


  1. Everyday objects

Who said that a ring bearer had to be a set object? Choose whatever you like, whatever means something to you. Are you a music lover? Carry your rings on a vinyl disc! If you love travelling, use a plastic or wooden sphere (you can buy them in any craft shop) to make a globe to carry your rings. There are no limits here, you can be as personal as you like.


All of these ideas lend themselves to DIY – you can make your ring bearer yourself, and be proud of having such a personal touch in your wedding.

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