A symbolic ceremony organised by a french wedding planner

We invite you to design the wedding of your dreams with the symbolic ceremony.

In this article, we will introduce it to you. The symbolic ceremony is beautiful thanks to its spirituality and by its very personal sensitivity that will shine through during your exceptional wedding.

What is a symbolic ceremony?

The symbolic wedding ceremony or commitment ceremony is the occasion to marry by publicly testifying your love and for that, the only rule is that there is none. The absence of norms allows the shyest to express his love through symbolic gestures and the most extroverted to reveal his story with the nitty gritty details of the first encounter.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Ludovic Ismael

Is the symbolic ceremony incompatible with the religious ceremony?

The symbolic ceremony is an opening to the realm of possibilities. It is an opportunity for you, the bride and groom, to show the depth of your commitment by taking all your guests as witnesses. It differs from the religious ceremony which is a personal commitment to God. Both bride and groom must be committed to serve God before being married.

Your personal conviction is what matters the most. It will be appropriate to choose between one or the other so that your wedding day does not lose its rhythm and beauty which make it so majestic. Therefore, this choice will be driven by your heart.

However, there are situations where both ceremonies can coincide. In particular, if you are in a mixed union life the difference of cultures or religions. In this situation, it will be interesting for the two parties to show their love for each other according to their customs in a symbolic ceremony. This ceremony is indeed non-religious but does not exclude the symbols linked to your cultures. Quite the contrary, since this ceremony must be faithful to your origins and values.

Moreover, with the hazards we have experienced recently, such as the postponement of wedding receptions, the intimate symbolic ceremony can be the opportunity to adapt your celebrations by getting married several times!


So is -there really any rule for the symbolic ceremony?


Yes, the symbolic ceremony has some, but just a few…



The ceremony relies heavily on the officiant, whether he or she is a professional or a relative. Indeed, officiating implies great responsibility! You will not be allowed to have several attempts!

For this reason, we advise you to call on a professional officiant to plan your symbolic ceremony. Organisation is really the recipe for a successful ceremony. However, for those who prefer to leave this to a relative, it is possible to reserve the organisational part to a professional.



It is important to control the timing perfectly to preserve the “Woah” effect! This timing is generally between thirty and forty-five minutes, beyond which you risk losing the attention of your guests. The ceremony should be punctuated by interventions, rituals and more formal moments. You need to find the right balance so that your ceremony does not turn into a parody or a succession of never-ending speeches.



A good officiant will be able to captivate the audience. It is a ceremony that should be at your image to maintain the story telling of your encounter, the birth of your love to your guests. So he must know how to step back during the interventions, rituals etc… He also has to arouse interest during his interventions. The officiant will help you to structure your speeches and your ideas for the writing of the testimonies and the emotional sequences.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Elena Usacheva – Officiant : Laura Montorio

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