Organising a symbolic wedding ceremony in Paris

The time is here! You’ve decided to come to Paris, just the two of you, for a symbolic marriage ceremony.

This kind of ceremony is perfect for renewing your vows, or just as a way to escape as a couple before or after having a civil ceremony in your home country.

intimate wedding paris


Either/or, in Paris (as in the rest of France) it’s a legal requirement that your marriage be official before you have a ceremony. If you need more information on this side of things, don’t hesitate to refer to our handy explanation of marriage conditions in France.


One of the things you will need for your wedding or vow renewal is an officiant to perform the ceremony.


Even if it’s only an intimate gathering, you want the mood to fit the significance of your marriage. Choosing your officiant is an important decision.

All of the officiants we use here at Ceremonize are bilingual and have lots of wedding experience. They are always developing their skills, which we think is very important so that they can continue listening to and supporting future couples. You can also choose between a male and female officiant, if you have a preference.


Our priority is to help you create a totally personalised ceremony. We could never conceive of offering you a cookie cutter service for your big day. That which moves us the most is seeing a glistening tear in the eye of our couples.  Tears of joy, tears of understanding, tears of laughter. …that is what makes our ceremonies so special.

For that to happen, we endeavour to get to know you personally, asking questions and learning more about your history, your dreams, and what you expect from your wedding.

We are conscious that certain guests may be operating in a different time zone than us, which can be problematic. At Ceremonize, we find that it is often easiest to communicate by email. We have been doing this for years with the majority of our clients, and have adapted our working style accordingly.


Sometimes couples choose to invite guests, or bring their children along. We can help you carve out a place for them in the ceremony. Maybe they would like to do a reading, recite a poem, or even write a little something especially for you.


How will be my symbolic wedding ceremony?

This personal touch can make your ceremony all the more moving, but it is, of course, entirely optional. Your guests are under no obligation to get up and speak.

If the venue space allows for it, you can also organise a little gesture or ritual that means something to you both. Like lighting a candle or handfasting.

We will be at your sides to help you with the practicalities of this.


The most emotive moment in the ceremony is often the exchanging of vows. This is when you can express your undying love for your other half, and promise to stand by them in the future.

symbolic ceremony paris


We can also accommodate an exchanging of rings, which is always a strongly symbolic gesture.


Know that in trusting us to organise your symbolic ceremony in Paris, you are guaranteed a wonderful officiant who will personalise everything for you – from the texts used to the service order – so as to create a truly unique and unforgettable ceremony…yours!

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