Simple wedding ceremony in Paris

Catherine and Nigel warned us that they were anything but a traditionnal couple! We were thrilled to help them organize a simple but special wedding ceremony.


The couple contacted us only a few months before their arrival in Paris and and asked if we could help them plan a ceremony that suited them to a T. Of course, we were delighted to help!

The couple hailed from Sydney, Australia, and they hadn’t spent much time in Paris before. Ceremonize’s expertise came in handy, and we were able to recommend some of the most beautiful Paris wedding locations

Coming from Sidney, Australia it was almost their first time in Paris.

The couple came to France alone, making their wedding just like a Paris elopement! Their ceremony was simple and moving, and took place in a gorgeous Paris park, with photos taken after.



The ceremony took place in October, and as you can see in the photos below, we were very lucky with the weather! The sun shined down on the couple, and temperatures were warm for that time of year.

Catherine, our untraditional bride, wore a stunning coloured dress adorned with red roses, with a simple red rose bouquet accenting her outfit perfectly.




The couple wanted some wedding photos across Paris, so they made their way through the city in a vintage French car.

As you can imagine, they wanted to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s tourist spots, so we took them to some truly authentic parts of Paris, where they could take photos in peace.





But no trip to Paris is complete without a few familiar pit-stops! Here you can see the couple on the Pont Alexandre III.




The couple were very happy with their day, and we were so glad to help them fulfil their dreams of a Paris wedding. We wish Catherine and Nigel all the best in the future!





Elopement package by Ceremonize

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