What’s the budget for a wedding in Paris ?

In the world of destination weddings and elopements, couples often find themselves pondering crucial questions : how much does it cost to get married in Paris ? Is it expensive to get married in Paris?

As an experienced wedding planner team in Paris specializing in orchestrating romantic weddings for American couples in Paris, we’ve encountered this inquiry countless times. Let’s delve into the details of how to budget effectively for your unforgettable wedding in the City of Love.


Venue rental

Wedding venues represent a great part of the wedding budget. The bigger your wedding party is, the bigger your wedding venue should be, and the bigger it would cost. Whether you envision a wedding reception  in a luxurious Parisian chateau, in a typical parisian venue or even in a parisian Palace such as the Ritz, the budget can start from 5.000€. That is to say that it depends on the style of the venue but also the number  of guests.


how much does it cost to get married in Ritz Paris
Wedding planner : CEREMONIZE


Catering and beverage

If you plan to get married in Paris, this is also because you want to experience the great french food. And you’re totally right! Again it depends on the menu selections, dietary preferences, and beverage packages. For example Parisian Palaces have their own starred chef that’ll propose you a great wedding experience.

On average, couples can expect to allocate €100-€300 per guest for catering and beverages.


Cost of the other wedding vendors

A wedding reception is not only a venue and the food, so don’t forget to budgetize the other items such as photographer, videographer, make-up, hairstyle, photobooth, wedding celebrant, decoration and floral arrangements, entertainments, music, gifts for guests, invites and so on.

Prices can vary depending on your preferences, number of vendors, duration of the service etc…

For example the investment for a photographer can vary from 2.000€ to 4.000€

Budget for a wedding in Paris
Wedding planner : CEREMONIZE – Photo : Charlotte Gonzales


Legal formalities and documentation

Don’t overlook the expenses associated with legal formalities and documentation. This includes obtaining a marriage license, translation services for necessary documents, and any administrative fees required to ensure your marriage in France is legally recognized. It’s sometimes not possible to have a legal wedding in France. Take a look at our blog article “Getting married in France as an American


Travel and accommodation

Don’t forget to budget your travel expenses, including airfare, transportation within Paris, and accommodations. Whether you choose to stay in a cozy boutique hotel or a luxurious Parisian apartment, securing comfortable lodging is essential for a stress-free experience. Also, some couples decide to take partially or totally the cost for their guests.


Additional expenses

Planning a wedding is full of surprise ! You dream to have and share a unique experience with your guests so the more you advance in the planning, the more you would want to offer your guests a real parisian experience.

It could be a dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant, a cruising dinner as a rehearsal dinner, a ride in a little touristic train or even in a vintage bus.


Cost to get married at Ritz Paris
Wedding planner : CEREMONIZE – Photo : Solene Lagant


As you embark on the journey of planning your wedding in Paris, thoughtful budgeting is key to ensuring that every aspect of your special day exceeds your expectations. By carefully allocating your budget across essential elements such as venue rental, legal formalities, photography, and more, you’ll create a magical celebration that perfectly captures the romance and beauty of Paris.

If you want to know what’s a realistic budget for a wedding in Paris, feel free to consult our expertised wedding planners

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