A fall elopement in Paris

When M&T contacted us, we were still in an uncertain period due to Covid. Restrictions were still on, travelling not easy. But think positive, you’ll have in return positive. That’s what happened and M&T were able to land right from Oklahoma – USA.

It was so good to have them and we were so pleased to organise their fall elopement. The weather was so nice and very mild for a fall day. We loved M’s wedding dress in harmony with this beautiful weather.

M&T shared with us their experience in Paris in this interview. Enjoy it.

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Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Ludovic Ismael


Why did you decide to come in Paris for your elopement?

We were planning the Fall trip to Paris and due to Covid had not thought of a very good idea for our wedding ceremony. We thought it may be a beautiful idea to get married during our trip to Paris, but didn’t know if it would be possible.

As we began to consider it as an option, I Googled to find out more information and found Virginie.


fall elopement paris wedding ceremony
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Ludovic Ismael


How was the planning with Virginie ? Did you find easy to communicate? To organise the ceremony despite the distance?

From the first email, Virginie was so helpful and accommodating. We had to change our dates and thoughts often due to wondering about Covid restrictions.

Virginie was always so helpful and even sent us pictures and helped with suggestions for our location and time of day.

She met with us in Paris before our Wedding Day and gave us a lovely gift and a thorough schedule for the day.


fall elopement paris ceremony
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Ludovic Ismael


How was your wedding day, how did you live it?

Our Wedding Day was absolutely perfect and more beautiful and special than we could have imagined. Our Celebrant, Driver, and Photographer were all absolutely wonderful throughout our entire day.

Our Celebrant created a beautiful and personalized ceremony that was very moving.

Our Driver and Photographer took us all over the most beautiful spots of Paris all afternoon.

Even though our celebration was on a busy holiday (Armistice Day) our Driver got us to all the great locations and our Photographer still made so many great shots, that are personalized and beautiful.


We couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful magical day and we still talk of it daily. I believe it was easier and more spectacular than anything we could have planned in our Hometown or State.

Thank you so much Virginie and to our Wonderful Celebrant, Driver, and Photographer!

You provided us with our dream Wedding Day that we will always treasure as a most beautiful memory.


You will find here the perfect guide for preparing an elopement in Paris how to do it and in what way Virginie can help you with everything.


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