Say “I do” …again in Paris

Today, you are renewing your wedding vows in Paris.

Today, you are declaring your undying love for the person you dream of spending the rest of your life with.


“My love,

My face may show the marks of time, but my heart doesn’t carry a single wrinkle. It beats as strongly as ever for you – as strongly as it did when I first met you, as strongly as when we married 20 years ago. The hard times that we have been through together have done nothing other than strengthen my love for you, and make me appreciate all the more the magical moments of happiness that we continue to share together.

Thank you, my angel, for having been by my side since the beginning – strong, supportive, and true. I count my blessings every day that I am always able to count on you. And know that you can always count on me too, to listen and encourage.

My dearest wish is to continue by your side for the rest of my life, which would be infinitely darker were you not a part of it. Every wonderful thing that you bring to me, I hope I can bring to you.

Today, I want to celebrate our love, I want to say I DO, and I will, for the rest of our lives.

I love you.”

 vow renewal in Paris

A symbolic ceremony in Paris that fits your needs

What could be a more beautiful way of declaring your love than renewing your “I dos” after several years of marriage? And where could be a more fitting destination than the ever-romantic Paris?

Whether you opt for a large-scale or intimate celebration, a symbolic or religious ceremony, the meaning is the same! You have decided to relive one of the most beautiful moments of your life so far in gorgeous Paris.

Once upon a time, couples could scarcely enjoy their vow renewals, or found it difficult to organise this touching day exactly as they wanted it. But now if you’re renewing your vows in Paris you can let go, choose whatever theme or venue you like, invite whomsoever you choose, or even escape just the two of you!

Set up the projectors and plug in the sound, it’s time to celebrate the good times and the bad – all the things that have made your marriage such a wonderful adventure for two. It’s time to reseal the deal and promise to be with each other for the years to come, for better or for worse.


Do you want help in organising the perfect vow renewal? Contact Ceremonize wedding planners!

We offer many packages that include all of the necessary components, or we can help you create a made-to-measure package of your own.

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