Original ideas for your gran exit


It’s a dream come true – your stunning wedding gown sweeps you towards a crowd of your nearest and dearest, as you walk arm-in-arm with your new husband… Unfortunately, rice throwing (a long-time symbol of fertility) has been banned by many churches and town halls. What new rituals can your guests partake in to see you out in style?


Here are some ideas for an original exit from your wedding.


Throwing rose petals

You want something nice and light? How about flower petals? Choose red or pink for a traditional air of romance, or coloured for something a little different.


Pour Ceremonize - wedding planner
A wedding by Ceremonize – wedding planner




How about taking a step back into your childhood? Who doesn’t remember blowing soap bubbles as a youngster? Everyone has done it at least once!

So why not exit the church in a flurry of bubbles? They guarantee an air of magic, and will help create truly beautiful photos. Just be sure to choose a mixture that won’t stain!


Sortie mariage bulles
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Throwing lavender

For a more traditional route, replace rice with grains of lavender for a perfumed departure! Just make sure the church or town hall is okay with this.

Lacher lavande mariage

Paper airplanes

Hoping for a truly original exit? Show guests that you and your husband are still in touch with your childhood (or simply that you love to travel!) by leaving the church in a whirlwind of paper planes. This would be an ideal option for weddings with an element of travel included.

 paper planes wedding gran exit



Confetti or streamer cannons

How about a touch of spectacle? Confetti or streamer cannons are the perfect choice. If you want to surprise your guests (you won’t be the only one under confetti fire!) opt for cannons, they’re sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces.

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A wedding by Ceremonize – wedding planner



For a truly original option, why not ask your guests to welcome you out of the church by unfurling multi-coloured ribbons? This popular trend has come directly from the United States.

original gran exit

A wedding by Ceremonize – wedding planner


A balloon release

So you saw Luis Mandoki’s “Message in a Bottle” starring Kevin Costner and loved the idea of sending a special note. Instead of putting your words into a bottle, why not attach them to a balloon?

Huff, puff, and blow up as many balloons as you have guests, attach a little card with your names and the date and place of your wedding on one side, and then ask your guests to write a few words on the other. Then, 3…2…1…let them go!

Just be aware that you may need council approval for this.

balloon release wedding

A wedding by Ceremonize – wedding planner


Releasing doves

Are you a romantic through and through? Well then you can’t do any better than releasing doves as a symbol of your love. With this option, it’s best to consult a professional for guidance and help on the day.

releasing doves wedding

A wedding by Ceremonize – wedding planner



If your soon-to-be husband has a job that requires a uniform, why not ask his colleagues to dress up as a guard of honour to see you out of the church?


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Do you want to make your exit to music? Choose a fanfare for a fun and original atmosphere.

If your guests love to dance, why not ask nicely if they wouldn’t mind putting together some choreography for your departure, or, for more of a surprise, ask some of your bridal party to organise it.



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