Who to invite to my elopement ?

When planning an elopement, which is typically characterized by an intimate and discreet ceremony, the choice of guests takes on particular importance. Will it be just the 2 of you, with a handful of close relatives or something bigger but still intimate?

Here are some ideas to help you decide who to invite to your elopement.


  1. Witnesses to your story

Invite people who have played a significant role in your relationship and have witnessed your journey of love. This could include close friends, family members, or even mentors who have had an impact on your love life. As they have witnessed the beginning of your love story this will complete the circle if they witness your marriage engagement. And what a beautiful experience to share with them if you organize your elopement in Paris !

Elopement in Paris with guests
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Ludovic Ismael
  1. Immediate family members

If you wish to include family members, focus on those who are closest and most important to you. Your dearests and nearests. Parents, siblings, and close relatives can be present to share this special moment. A wedding is an important step in a lifetime and it’s normal to include them and share this moment with them.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Hà Nguyên
  1. Intimate friends

Invite friends who are truly close to you and understand the intimate nature of elopement. Choose friends who support your relationship and will be delighted to celebrate this unique moment with you. And friends that are crazy enough to follow you in Paris for your parisian elopement.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Ceremonize – Photo : Hà Nguyên
  1. People whose presence is important to you

Identify people whose presence is absolutely crucial to your happiness on this day. If someone’s company is essential for you to feel fully fulfilled, consider inviting them. This is your elopement after all so do as you pleased.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Hà Nguyên
  1. People contributing to the elopement

If you have vendors or professionals playing a key role in realizing your elopement (photographer, officiant, etc.), their presence can be meaningful. Make sure to discuss this with them in advance. But don’t feel you have to invite them. Sharing a glass of champagne can also work. The idea is to share a moment together if you feel like you ant it.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Hà Nguyên
  1. Choose intimacy if it’s your preference

One of the advantages of elopement is the ability to create a very intimate moment between you and your partner. If you prefer a ceremony without guests, feel free to choose this option. Elopement gives you the freedom to create the ceremony that best suits your desires.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Hà Nguyên

Remember that eloping to Paris is a very personal decision, and the choice of guests should reflect your preferences and feelings. The key is to create a meaningful and memorable moment that aligns with your vision of marriage.

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