Children’s entertainment for your wedding

At your wedding, you want to be sure that everybody has a good day. And that means everybody! The bride and groom, family, friends…and even the kids! That’s why it can be a good idea to make sure that children are occupied throughout the day, so that they have fun and their parents can have a wonderful time without having to worry about where their little ones are.

What are your options ?


> Babysitters

A babysitter’s job is to look after your children. He or she can offer certain activities but it’s not their job, per se.
One babysitter can usually handle up to 5 children, but you could always hire more so that whether the children want to eat, see their parents, go to the toilet or play, there is always someone to look after them.
Finding a babysitter isn’t complicated; you can look up ads or go by word of mouth. Why not ask the staff at a local crèche or holiday camp – people like this are used to looking after groups of children.
In terms of payment, it is best to check with the babysitter if he or she has a normal rate. If not, feel free to offer up your own based on the minimum wage, or you could propose a “fixed fee” for the evening. In general, you should expect to pay between €10 and €15 per hour for a group of 8 children.

> Entertainers

An entertainer can amuse a group of children with activities, games, and workshops that are both interesting and enjoyable.
To find a children’s entertainer you need only look online and you’ll find lots of businesses that cater to your needs. All that remains is to choose the one that suits you best.
In terms of payment, expect to pay around €350 for 5 hours of entertainment for a group of ten or so children.


Activities for children

It is a good idea to have certain “solo” activities arranged for shy or younger children who won’t necessarily want to participate in organised group activities.
– Felt-tip markers, paper, and colouring-in sheets are the perfect option, allowing kids to draw throughout the evening.
– Play dough and scoubidous are a great idea for creative kids!
– Face paint and costumes
– A piñata filled with sweets and surprises
– Books for when the little ones are ready to go to sleep

Other little treats

Why not give the entertainer/babysitter a camera to capture some snaps of the children throughout the evening! You may not be with them for a large part of the evening, so just think how nice it will be to see their happy faces when you’re looking through your photos post-wedding.
You could give the children a big sheet of paper where they can each write a message or draw a little picture for the bride and groom.
A goody bag goes a long way in making kids feel special. A few sweets always go down well!

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