5 options to add culinary adventures for your wedding

If you’re scratching your head over how to entertain your guests as they sup on a cocktail or a glass of wine, look no further. Adventurous cuisine is becoming more and more popular, and has been wildly successful at weddings over the last few years. The idea is simple: invite a chef or vendor who will make your guests’ dishes before their eyes. Not only will this tickle your guests’ taste buds, but their eyes and ears too.

Ceremonize has rounded up five options to add a touch of excitement to your catering.


  1. A food truck

As we told you in our article on vintage weddings, retro is back. This is why food trucks have been invading our receptions recently. So why not use this as inspiration for your own wedding food? Food trucks can give mini hamburgers and hotdogs a chic yet playful makeover. Opt for elegant fillings for your finger sandwiches: foie gras, smoked salmon, scallops… Your guests will love watching their food made before their very eyes before tucking into these little amuse-bouches.

what culinary activities to choose for your wedding ?
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Elena Usacheva
  1. Maki, sushi, sashimi

Why not share your love of Japanese sushi, maki, and sashimi with your guests? Aside from being totally original, getting to watch sushi being made is always fascinating. Hire a proficient sushi maker and watch your guests enjoy the show, from carving raw fish to rolling makis and finally constructing each piece of sushi. There’s no fresher way to bring a touch of Japan to your wedding.


  1. A soup bar

Yes, you read right – a soup bar! This option is perfect for winter weddings. You could even host your drinks reception outdoors if you have enough generator power for electric heaters and your catering. A soup bar is a unique dining option that will warm your guests to the core. And this isn’t just any old soup – a soup bar is refined and classy. Ask your caterer to serve from mini bowls (almost like espresso cups) and top each cup off with a basil leaf. What a unique and chic idea for a winter wedding reception!


  1. A cocktail bar

This is undoubtedly THE trend of the moment. More and more cocktail bars are opening in big cities, and more and more customers are lining up to drink at them. So why not bring the trend to your wedding? Barmen will make up your guests’ drinks right before their eyes. This experience will add a sophisticated, unique, and personal touch to your wedding. It’s a perfect option for your drinks reception, and can be arranged through your caterer.



  1. A chocolate fountain

This sweet option may not go with your drinks reception, but would be perfect for dessert. A chocolate fountain always adds a new layer to the aesthetics of your wedding. Check with your caterer whether they can provide fresh fruit bowls for your guests. Then, give each guest a skewer and let them dip to their heart’s content! It’s simple, and great fun. You could even add a chocolate fountain to the centre of your wedding cake!


Don’t forget that most catering companies will be able to organise these special culinary treats. You can entrust this to your wedding planners, who will organise everything with the vendors. Now you have no excuses for not having a truly original wedding reception!


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