The most memorable moment of your wedding day may well be your wedding cake.


For those of you who have decided to come to France to get married, know that there is a huge range of options for your wedding cake. After all, isn’t France the world’s gastronomic capital?

A choux or macaron centrepiece? A wedding cake? It’s a difficult choice, and you need to consider different tastes, the cake’s appearance, and what each guest will want.

choosing your wedding cake
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Les pensées photographiques


In short, choosing you wedding cake isn’t easy.

The cake is often what we remember most from a wedding. Cutting the cake is a very symbolic and romantic moment, and is often made all the more special by a custom music accompaniment.

Here are all the options, to help make your choice a little easier.


The centrepiece

The centrepiece, also known as the croquembouche, is the traditional cake choice in France.

It is made from caramelised choux buns filled with crème pâtissière, topped with nougat. Depending on your wedding theme, you can request that your centrepiece be sculpted in a certain way – the options are limitless. Imagine tucking into a pyramid, a house, a sailboat, a waterfall, or even the Eiffel Tower.

Your centrepiece will be made to measure from a huge choice of flavours and shapes. The finishing touch will, of course, be the bride and groom figurines which go on top of the cake.

traditionnal french wedding cake croquembouche
Coordinator : Ceremonize – Photographer : Daria Lorman

An alternative to the croquembouche is the macaron centrepiece or the Caroline centrepiece (which is made of mini eclairs).

For a lighter option, you could opt for a centrepiece made from strawberries or other fruits caramelised with nougat.


The wedding cake

The wedding cake trend has been in France for a few years now. This wedding dessert came to us from the United States, and is truly a sight to behold.


Thankfully French bakers have been able to Frenchify the original recipe, as American cakes can often be very heavy and buttery.

wedding cake paris
Wedding planner : Ceremonize


You can have decorations stencilled on, ornaments made from fondant, flowers made from sugar paste… You also have full reign over colours, textures, and shapes. The best thing about having a wedding cake is that it is 100% customisable.

In terms of budget, a wedding cake is more expensive than a centrepiece.

This is totally normal as a cake involves a lot more work, including preliminary designs and sample batches so that the cake can be made to perfection.

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