12 things you don’t want to forget when planning your wedding

Planning a wedding is hard and a lot of stress especially if you chose to plan it without a professionnal. You have a lot of things to do so it s really easy to forget about details that change everything. Here is 12 things we bet you would have forgot about but you will be glad to plan now.


1. Don’t forget to have a backup budget:

We will recommend you to have an envelope or a bank account with a certain amount of money just in case there is a problem, something happens and you need to have a backup. It is just for safety reasons.


2. Don’t forget about others when choosing a wedding date:

Be careful when choosing a date, try to consider the months and other events (those of your closest ones) that can be too closed to that and outshine your sister’s wedding, anniversary or baby shower as far as possible.


3. Don’t forget to have an Emergency Kit:

Don’t forget to prepare an emergency kit for your big day filled with gums, wipes, blisters, extra makeup, matifying wipes, a snack etc. Like it is said, a bag full of things you can need and don’t want to be found without it.


4. Be prepared for all kind of weather:

Yes, the majority of us dreams of a wedding in the summer, doing some photos in the sun and have everyone dressed up nicely and in a colorful way but, you have to be prepared in case of rain or wind and embraced it. It can bring a different atmosphere and be even nice. In France we say, happy wedding, rainy wedding.



12 things you don’t want to forget when planning your wedding: be prepared for all kind of weather.


5. Don’t forget to pack a ‘Getting Ready’ Outfit:

If you chose to spend the night before the wedding not at home, you will have to prepare a getting ready outfit with a robe, a cute pajama set, some accessories etc if you want to take pictures of the getting ready sessions also, even more if you are planning on getting ready with your bridesmaids and do this famous photo shoot session.


6. Don’t be shy, ask for help:

You can obviously take a wedding planner to help you plan your wedding and lighten your wedding to-do list and mental load. But, it feels also nice to have a good friend around who can trust and can help you out with the planning and help you keep calm and have fun.



12 things you don’t want to forget when planning your wedding: ask for help


7. Don’t forget about your vendors:

You should verify the date, places, and times, setup etc. and make sure that your vendors’ plans corresponds to the venue’s policies and facilities. You don’t want to worry about the bills on your wedding day, try to do it before the week of.



8. Don’t forget to create a wedding music playlist:

You surely have songs that you love and remind you of certain moments of your relationship. Make sure to incorporate those songs to your wedding and have songs that represent you and your relationship and not just the traditional ones. Make sure to send it to your DJ and have a DJ that suits you and your tastes.


12 things you don’t want to forget when planning your wedding: create a music playlist


9. Don’t forget to have a Fashion Show:

Make sure to organize a “fashion show” with your bridesmaids and maid of honor to make sure that everything is the color and size it should be and also don’t forget to ask about the accessories they plan on wearing.


10. Try on your wedding dress one last time:

Do a quick outfit check and try your wedding dress one last time and make sure that everything is perfect and it don’t needs no other alterations even if you already tried it.


11. Don’t forget to write and practice your vows:

Don’t forget to write and practice your vows, this way it will be easier the day off because the text will already be on your mind and you could adjust –if you want- the day of the wedding more easily because you will be confident enough in your reading. You can do the same for any other speeches.


12. Don’t forget to pack for your Honeymoon:

If you planned on leaving for your honeymoon just after the reception, you must pack days/ weeks before and don’t have to be bother with it the day of the wedding. PS: don’t forget to have an airport outfit and shoes prepared too.

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