Planning a destination wedding: details to consider

Having a destination wedding is not that easy and you do have to consider some details before deciding that you want to marry your partner at the over side of the world.


1. Be prepared to unexpected costs:

You plan on doing a wedding destination and you are in the process of setting a budget? We will recommend you to have an extended budget for the unexpected costs like baggage fees, airport transfer, tip, the food, the usual unexpected costs we meet when travelling.


2. Decide on the place you want to get married in:

Decide if you want to get married in another region and enjoy an out-town wedding or do the most and go overseas and elope in another state/ continent. In both cases, you have to decide early because everything will gravitate toward it. Here are our tips about eloping in Paris.



3. Verify your documents:

When planning a destination wedding you obviously have to make sure that you have your up-to-date passport and travel visas. It is the first thing to look after when thinking of a wedding abroad, that way, if you don’t have the documents, you have the time to redo them.


4. Hire a wedding planner :

Do hire a wedding planner. When planning a wedding abroad it is almost obligatory to hire a wedding planner based in the city you chose and who will able to help you out with the question you have, can prepare you  selection of places, restaurant to try when abroad etc. It will also help you a lot not to worry about selecting the different vendors remotely.


5. Wedding in Paris:

We are a wedding planner agency based in Paris since 2009 and will be glad to organize your wedding. In fact, we organize premium weddings, working with the best vendors who are passionate about their works and it shows in the results. Paris is magical and we are sure that if you look at our work here, you will want to marry in the city of love too.


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6. Send out save the dates:

Send out save the dates months in advance so that your guest can prepare their passport too, their outfits, book their accommodations at the best prices and just have time to prepare for the trip and wedding.


7. Schedule guest activities:

We did several month ago a wedding destination program for your guest so we let you read that after. It is important to book activities for your guest in advance, a list of things they could do and let the choice of different activities and at different price ranges.


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