What to plan for your wedding anniversary:

Your wedding anniversary is coming up soon and you need some help with the organisation? We found for you 12 unique ideas to make your wedding anniversary feel extra special.


1. Do a week-end trip with your lover :

Organise a week-end with your lover for your wedding anniversary is always a good idea because you can spend quality time together, in a different space, far away from your routine at home. This is perfect to enjoy your time and let your problems at home.


What to plan for your wedding anniversary; a week-end city trip


2. Spend a night in a hotel spa  for your wedding anniversary :

Book a room in a hotel with a spa, a good idea to spend time with your partner, a relaxing and romantic time.


3. Rent a boat :

Renting a boat is really romantic and always a safe bet. You can rent an electric boat and spend time on a lake, a river with a picnic (in summer/ spring preferably) or, do a gastronomic diner Cruise on a boat.


4. Organise a 2nd honeymoon for your wedding anniversary:

Organise a second honeymoon and rewind at a time where everything was perfect, newlyweds, perfect life, with the person you choose to spend your life with. It was perfect and it is important sometimes to remember the best moments and replay your “firsts”.


5. Offer a symbolic gift:

You could offer a symbolic gift like a jewelry piece, something special that she/ he could wear throughout the years and have a meaning behind it.

You can organise a photoshoot to do something new and fun together, pictures and memories that will last a life long.


Offer a symbolic jewel for your wedding anniversary

7. Write a love letter :

A love letter is something special that tends to be forgotten but stays one of the best ideas to keep memories, put words on your feelings and it is really stirring and romantic. This feels nice in a world where everything is  now digitalized.


8. Do a film of your best moments together :

Make a video clip/ a video editing of moments you spent together, from the start of your relationship to now. Do a chronological video or even a slide show explaining why you love him/ her, what made you fall in love, what were the best moments you spent together…

9. Renew your vows for your wedding anniversary :

Renewing your vows is perfect for at least a tin anniversary gift we would say. It means that even after the years that passed, the obstacles you went through and everything you have dealt with in the past, you still want to marry and cherish the relationship you have in your hands.


Renew your vows for your wedding anniversary


10. Time travel :

Recreate a key moment in your relationship; a date, your wedding, the first date or any moment spent together that made you fell in love and put a smile on your faces when you rethink about it.


11. Realize one of your dreams :

Realize one of your goals, something that you have in common, it is the perfect moment to let you live an experience that you always wanted to live and share.


12. Candelight dinner and a house filled of her favorite flowers :

Candlelight dinner and a house filled with her favorite flowers will have her surprised and put her in a romantic ambience without even leaving the house. Sometimes, that is unnecessary to do something huge, in another city etc. Having this moment just for the two of you and a special night-in is priceless and may be more stirring. Order you favorite food and get the night started.

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