The perfect summer wedding look

Your perfect summer look in 10 tips: choose the perfect summer make-up and the perfect wedding hairstyle that will compliment you according to this hot season.


1. Make-up:


1. Pick waterproof Product:

With the heat, the sweat, and the tears; it is really important to pick waterproof products. This way, you are sure that your makeup will last until the morning after. Make sure to have a waterproof mascara and eyeliner and powder a lot! Waterproof products, powder and a mattifying primer is the key to a flawless makeup look even in summer.


2. Lighter make-up:

Choose a lighter makeup look, so that you will look good, with less amount of product and a look appropriate for the occasion. You can be as flawless with a natural skib makeup look as with a more “glamorous/ heavy one”. Don’t miss out on the dewy skin! Choose products that will catch the sun, a glowy foundation, blush and highlighter is so important. Don’t forget to add a lot of blush to add to the “coquette makeup” style.



Summer wedding natural makeup


3. Stay away from creamy formulas:

Your worst enemies in your summer wedding are creamy formulas! Creamy formulas tend to disintegrate and let an oily finish. Creamy bronzers, blushes and eye shadows are a big no without any doubt.


4. Prepare touch ups:

The heat is not the best element to guarantee your makeup to be looking good all day long so you must keep mattifying wipes near you and above all, do some touch ups, as much as you can to be sure that your makeup will stay and look flawless!


5. Have fun with colors:

Have fun with colors! Summer is surely the moment for you to try a colorful wedding look, colorful eye looks or a colorful lip, you choose. It adds so much punch to your look and it is unconventional, so we love it even more.


2. Hairstyles:


  1. Twisted half up:

As for the hairstyles, you can go for a twisted half up half down type of style. This is perfect to keep your hair out of your face but still have your hair complementing your dress and your neck.



Summer wedding hairstyle


2. A tousled pony:

Tousled pony is perfect for your summer wedding, a perfect twisted version of the classic ponytail. And No, you don’t have to have long hair to have a gorgeous pony, it is only a common misconception.


3. Add a headpiece:

Headpieces are perfect to add a unique finishing touch to your bridal hairstyle. You have so much different choices: tiaras, veils, hair clips, headbands, bows, hair combs and more.


4. A low knot bun:

This is perfect for the brides who are looking for a modern chic aesthetic.  This is a big 2023 trend, and it is perfect especially if you chose a backless wedding dress. It will compliment it sooo well.



Your summer wedding look- the blog



5. Short hair brides:

No, you don’t have to grow your hair out for your big day. There are no rules, go and embrace your short hair please. You can do buns, add a headpiece, and make waves and more.

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