The most glamorous short hair wedding styles in 2023

Sometimes it’s hard to find your way around for brides with short hair. Whatever your hair length, we can help you find your casual chic hairstyle. Recognisable at first glance, it has that je ne sais quoi that combines simplicity and natural elegance. It’s perfect for those who want to show off their short hair.
It’s not an easy choice to make, and you may well spend hours trying on wedding hairstyles before you find the right one.
Hairstyles arenow airy and no longer try to tame your flyaways under a ton of hairspray. Instead, short hairstyles enhance the natural beauty of your face by providing that tasty mix of softness and character.

1.Why do a hair test?

It’s all about creating the perfect match, a soft harmony between your wedding dress, your beauty accessories and your hairstyle. There’s nothing like taking the time to try out your hairstyle in complete peace of mind. This little glimpse will allow you to determine if you will be absolutely perfect on the d day. So don’t miss out! Surrounded by the advice of your closest friends and a team of professionals, you will be accompanied in this decision-making process. There is no magic formula, your organisation will determine your stress level on your wedding day.

2. The modern trend of very short wedding hairstyles

The tomboy hairstyle is back in fashion. Its refinement will never cease to amaze. This hairstyle is inspiring regardless of your hair texture. Whether you have straight or curly or textured hair, this modern style enhances your beauty. To do this, don’t hesitate to let its charm work. Because this hairstyle stands on its own with its disconcerting simplicity and its distinguished side. The style is available in several shades thanks to a tie and die for those who wish to. Because yes, it’s the little details that make all the difference.

3.A chic and relaxed bridal hairstyle

Waves or soft waves are a must-have for the casual chic style. Its strength lies in its simplicity; the hairstyle is light and airy. It also has the advantage of being adaptable to all wedding themes. So much so, that we all fall for its natural charm. If you want to add your own personal touch, the headpiece accessory to spice up your hairstyle will be the best.

4.Would you dare to wear accessories for your wedding hairstyle?

Wedding hairstyles for short hair
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There is no shortage of accessories to make your wedding hairstyle absolutely unique. Starting with the head jewellery, it brings a little glamorous touch. The headband with pearls will be your personal accessory, chosen with care. You can wear it soberly and discreetly or prefer a more imposing style to set the tone.

The timeless tiara is perfect for those who love princess crowns. We can’t say it enough, but short hairstyles offer almost infinite possibilities in terms of accessories.
For all those who prefer floral inspirations, the bohemian chic theme is for you. Wreaths in warm or pastel colours will look great with your wedding dress.


5.Shorthair for a glam rock style?

If you want to give your hairstyle a country feel, we advise you to play with the waves of your curls to give volume to your hairstyle. Bangs or layers are very charming and bring elegance and innocence to your hair. This classic style seems timeless and is sure to make a difference on your wedding day.
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