A stylish gay wedding in Paris


To get married in France, you need to follow the rules set down by the French legal system. You must either live in France or have an immediate relative there, no matter what your nationality.


Serge and Jean-Christophe, French expats living in Brazil, learnt this the hard way!


classy gay wedding in paris


They knew that it would be difficult for them to organise their wedding remotely – mainly because of the time difference but also the fact that they found wedding planning a bit of a headache. So they decided to entrust us with their entire wedding organisation.


After getting engaged, these two lovely men decided to come back home to France for their ceremony, given that gay marriage had recently been legalised.

same sax wedding paris wedding planner


They wanted to get married in Paris, their old hometown, as this was where many of their nearest and dearest lived. But as neither of them legally resided there any more, they needed to find another option!


They decided to have their civil service in Angers, a beautiful town in the Loire Valley, where Jean-Christophe’s parents were from.


We organised a luncheon cocktail for the party in a restaurant booked out for the occasion.


classy same sex wedding paris

stylish gay wedding paris

But the next day was the real party!

The couple made a chilled-out trip back to Paris, where they welcomed their guests in a characteristically chic and cheeky way – aboard an incredible yacht! To enhance the laid-back atmosphere, the couple decided on a cocktail dinner rather than a fixed seated meal. They wanted their guests to mingle.

classy gay wedding paris


A touch of Brazil was on board too, of course: caïpirinha cocktails, personalised flip-flop wedding favours engraved with the couple’s logo, and yellow and dark green floral arrangements.

It was an evening of celebration and fun. The icing on the cake was the moment that the happy couple were greeted with a flash mob, organised by their witnesses.

stylish same sex wedding paris

gay planner paris

gay wedding paris

gay wedding planner paris

same sex wedding paris


With just four days to go until the New Year, these young husbands brought the year to a close in a truly beautiful way!

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