The most romantic wedding rituals for your ceremony

We’re here with you now more than ever to help you find inspiration to make sure everything is perfect on your big day.  We’re back with our series on wedding ceremony rituals, as we have a soft spot for these little moments of emotion. Whether you’re shy or a lover of intimate moments, all our tips are for you.


1 The  wedding ritual of  the time capsule

The time capsule is perfect for the nostalgic. The capsule is usually a small box (suitcase, letters) that holds your most precious memories. Make sure your time capsule is made of a sturdy material that will become more attractive over time and is of a suitable size. It contains your most beautiful treasures: poems, love letters, guest books, a tasty bottle of wine, jewellery, dried flowers, photographs, cinema tickets… Let your imagination run wild!

All these precious items are sealed inside this time capsule to watch over your marriage in times of joy and adversity.

This little treasure will either be stored or buried in a small plot of your garden so you can rediscover it and learn from it after one year, five years, ten years or even twenty years of marriage.

A great opportunity to rediscover this little time capsule years after years and to enrich it with new memories. This ritual is a beautiful way to relive the ocean of love you felt on your wedding day or from day one, for those who fell in love at first sight.


2 The fear ritual

The ritual of fears is very intimate, it shows a surrender of oneself to confide in the other.  Each bride and groom are given a sheet of paper on which they write down all their fears a few days before the wedding. On the day itself, the two lovebirds take a solemn time to expose themselves to each other by reading their letters.

In the presence of the guests, they take turns throwing their fears into the flames so that love, faith and hope triumph. It’s a witness, a new commitment. The bride and groom will usually take an oath or declaim the depth of their love.

This wedding ritual requires letting go, as it is not easy to confide your fears to loved ones. However, this act will strengthen your union by allowing you to build together the foundations of trust within your home. You should expect a great emotional moment!

On this picture, a bride an groom are kissing in a natural place
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Estudio Dita

3 The tree ritual

This ritual is primarily based on the symbolism of a seed or sapling that is planted on the wedding day.

We will briefly introduce you to the symbolism of three trees that you could choose for your secular ceremony. The apple tree stands out as a symbol of love, trust and gratitude. In the past, they were planted to protect the house. The oak tree, with its solidity and incredible longevity, has the most beautiful symbolic values such as generosity, hospitality and majesty (especially in Celtic culture). The pear tree with its delicate white spring flowers heralds abundance and fertility. You may need a pot, soil and seeds (or the shrub to be planted). Grab a shovel and that’s all there is to it!

This tree will give you the opportunity to show your love by hanging your wishes for happiness on its branches year after year…

For the more romantic, we suggest you choose the Japanese cherry tree, its sublime foliage promises you an exceptional show every year in spring, you can see life in pink.


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