Unpopular opinions : wedding Edition

We all have been to different weddings or seen weddings online and told ourselves “omg, i could never do that to mine”, this is exactly what this article is about. A mix of things that we don’t loves at weddings and are sometimes controversial. Obviously, take this with lightness, you can do whatever you want.


1. No to the traditional white wedding dress:

Of course, it is your big day, and you want to be gorgeous this day and make sure that all the eyes are on you, but you are not obligate to have a white wedding dress for that.  We think that they are really overrated; you can choose an over color dress, a printed one or even a jumpsuit, a suit. Something that suits you and your wants and not only the traditional attire.


2. Get married wherever you want:

It’s your day, no one else’s. If you want to have a destination wedding on the other side of the world, go for it. We can organize a destination elopement tailor-made according to your needs.


3. Garter tossing : a big no

Removing the bride’s garter during the ceremony is a big no for us! It is tacky, not chic at all and unbelievably awkward for all the guests. We will suggest you to do so, in a private room if you want and have the photographer take some shots of it.


Don't do garter tossing


4. Don’t forget about your guests that lives far away from the reception:

You must plan a cocktail hour for the guests that don’t lives here and can’t go back to their homes between the church ceremony for example and the party. We will recommend planning a cocktail hour.


5. Don’t plan activities :

You don’t have to plan activities for your wedding, we think that it is unnecessary and not so joyful (except activities for the kids), we will much recommend you book THE best DJ, musicians for your wedding who will match your vibe.


6. Do a private last dance:

Planning a private moment for just your partner and you, is so important! For us, having a private last dance at the end of the party is just the perfect way of finishing the wedding.


Do a private last dance

7. Your guests can take vides and photos of the wedding: it is okay.

You can let your guests take some pictures and videos! It is a cute moment; they want to enjoy it and memorized that special moment in another angle that the videographer’s one and it is okay. You can dedicate special moments for your guests to take photos and prohibit certain moments.


8. Bridal party entrances: Oh God

Bridal party entrances are the most awkward, unnecessary, and annoying things ever (a bit drama queen) but this so useless and boring for the guests. Don’t do that, we are sure that your guests will thanks us.


PS: Of course, you can do whatever you want for your wedding, it Is YOUR special day, and this is not because we don’t especially love it that you must cut it off. This article must be taken with a lot of lightness.


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