5 steps for an ecological wedding

Ecological weddings: A fashion phenomenon? A social awareness? Indeed, since a few years 100% green weddings are back in fashion. More and more future brides and grooms are choosing to get married with an ecological approach, a great way to start their new life.

In this article, discover our 5 steps to organize a 100% ecological wedding.


1. Invitations

Opt for a recycled announcement, made from seeded paper. A very natural, chic and ecological look.
Do you want to be completely committed? There are NGOs that can take care of your invitations and whose profits will be donated to many associations fighting for the preservation of the planet.


2. Costumes and dresses

Encourage your guests to dress in natural materials such as linen or hemp, materials with a positive systemic impact, durable and classy fabrics. Avoid fabrics such as cotton, linen or silk.

For the bride and groom you have the possibility to choose a green outfit. Or, ladies can customize one of your old dresses, or old suits for you gentlemen. Call a dressmaker, she will know how to modernize your outfit like a fairy!
On the accessories side, we opt for the flower wreath trend, elegant and natural!
For the make-up, we prefer pastel colors with natural products and if possible Made In France.

ecological wedding


3. Transportation

Transportation is one of the most important environmental problems. So why not opt for public transportation, privatized buses, shuttles…a fun and unforgettable moment for your guests!

For the bride and groom you can choose a king arrival: the horse-drawn carriage. A 100% ecological and original transport.

Another option, the bicycle or the tandem are excellent alternatives. If the access allows you you can make a sensational arrival by buggy, paraglider or boat.

ecological wedding paris
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Ludovic Ismael


4. The meal

As for the meal, you can offer an ecological menu with foods that are not harmful to health and the environment. The big trend is vegan menus.

We obviously avoid plastic cups, plastic plates and opt for either bamboo or real crockery.

You can also propose a cold buffet, a simple and convivial meal with salads and vegetable cakes. This is the solution that generates the least amount of waste.


5. Decoration

The vegetal trend makes us crack, don’t you? There is nothing prettier than a flowery and naturally colorful wedding. Opt for staging with recyclable and natural materials, an ivy table runner, wooden place cards, a table top with floral arrangements. An authentic and natural decoration! To be in a totally ecological approach you can make recovery: vintage bikes, wicker baskets, wooden sculptures, a bohemian and chic side that will make all its charm.

ecological wedding


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