25 unconventional yet amazing wedding ideas

For 2023 we want our weddings to look anything except boring, we want to spice up things and have weddings that truly represent us. You will find many tips on how to throw the best wedding ever and spoiler alert, this is anything but classic.


1. Original wedding food ideas:


1. Have a BBQ instead of a wedding reception:

Considering a barbecue at your wedding can be a good idea if you want to make the dinner more casual and fun for the guests.  You have to consider everyone’s restriction and have plant based options too.


2. Have a brunch after the wedding:

Having a brunch the day after the wedding is a perfect to expand the party and enjoy a little more with your guests when everyone is finally stress free and joyful.


3. Create a coffee bar station :

The coffee bar is great because weddings are long, it takes a lot of energy and if you want to party all night long you may need some help with some caffeine. Putting a coffee bar at the entry venue is really a good idea. In the winter you can also do a hot chocolate bar.


4. Skip the cake and have donuts/ cotton candy instead:

Weddings cake are beautiful, a piece of art but can tend to be really expensive and for nothing because not everyone loves a wedding cake and it can be quickly a source of waist. Instead, you can do a donut, cotton candy or a crepe bar.


5. Install food trucks:

Food trucks are unconventional, fun and as convenient as a buffet but cooler. You can do a hamburger food truck, a Mexican food truck or every specialty you make like, it is not necessarily a fast-food type of menu.


6. Add Calligraphy to Your Cocktails:

You can surprise your guests with your signatures cocktails; you can buy samples with your names, wedding date on it and a wedding ring and put them on your drinks.



2. Original venue ideas:


1. Have your wedding at an unique venue like an art gallery:

Why marrying in a classic wedding venue when you can do it in an original venue like an art gallery. Art galleries are usually big spaces with character so that is perfect for a wedding in town.


2. Mix up the seating:

In most of weddings, seats are defined and usual separate; the grooms family, the bride family and then friends. What about mix up the seating and create union between families and friends at a time where two people decided to gather for life.


3. Thank your parents or a friend during the ceremony:

The best way to make sure your parents, friends feel special and a good way to thanks them for all they done for you in the past.


4. Throwing a surprise wedding:

You can plan a surprise wedding. Gather your friends and family in a space, dressed-up by telling them that you have a job opportunity, something to celebrate without telling them actually what that party is about.

This way you can plan your wedding stress less.


3. Involving uour family in your ceremony:


1. Destination wedding with your closest friends and family:

Elope with just the closest people around you two, friends that are family and the immediate family, perfect for enjoying your day without as many stress because if something goes wrong it is okay it is your family they know you and the pressure is so low comparing to what you can feel in case of unplanned thing with a big guest list.


2. Have a friend or a family member be the wedding Officiant:

Having a member of your family be the perfect way of including a member of family or a friend to the ceremony and what better way of getting married than doing so; through a person that knows you best.


3. Rethink the traditional children’s roles:

Who says that the flower girl has to be the youngest girl of the family? Why not choose the oldest; your grand-mother, so she can also be part of the wedding.


4. Prepare activities for children :

You can hire a baby-sitter so that parents and children can enjoy their night fully. We will advise you to have a cotton candy stand, have an animation anything that kids could enjoy and be thrilled to continue the night that way.


5. Marry on Your Own:

Marry on your own and celebrate with your loved ones after. The union is between you two so it feels right to marry on your own when you think about it.


4. Be true to your relationship:


1. Play  music you love during your wedding day instead of the classic songs:

It is your day so you should do things that suits you and looks like you. You don’t have to do anything at your wedding except what you truly want to do.


2. Decorate with things that are meaningful to your relationship:

Like the previous one, you have to do just what you want and nothing else. It is just the cutest thing ever and you will have the best memories of that day even more than with the classic beige and white wedding décor (that we also love).


3. Keep a private moment for just your partner and you:

It should be something intimate just for you two at the first time. It can be even a cuter moment to do that eyes to eyes with no one watching you and purely enjoy the moment. Have a private last dance, a first look or even a private vow reading.



5. Other original ideas:


1. Have an orchestra instead of a DJ:

Having an accordion, piano, sac, drummer player, brings a different atmosphere than a DJ and adds a special touch to the wedding. No a band is not boring and no it is not necessarily a classic music playing.



2. Have extra comfort goodies for guests:

It is a lovely attention to have for your guests and can help to spend a better day; blankets for a winter wedding, fans on the summer, flip flops at anytime of the year for girls who don’t want to be bothered with their heels all night long. That is something that can help guest to enjoy the party all night long.


3. Wear whatever you want:

Say bye to the classic white wedding dress, you can put everything you want! Something from where you are coming from, a jumpsuit, a suit, any color you like or materials. We will recommend you checking our last article about the wedding do’s and don’ts so that you know what to do and what not to do to have the best wedding ever.


4. Shake Up The Timeline :

Organise your day and the night like you want in the order you want. If you want to do a cake cutting before the first dance (if you chose to do one) it is up to you.


5. Have a phone free wedding:

With social Medias everything is so quick to be viral and have a reach. Your wedding photos and videos are so quick to be relayed and it is not for everyone, people don’t enjoy as much the wedding itself because they are too much on their phones so have a phone free wedding and instead put some Polaroid on the table.


6. Have an Audio Guest Book:

Lastly, have an audio book so your guests can pick up the receiver and listen to your personalized pre-recorded host message, after the beep they can start recording their message, song or rap.

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