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Virginie Mention, the founder of the wedding agency, Ceremonize got married a few years ago in Crete, Greece and this is exactly when she fell in love with this island and wanted from there to propose weddings in Crete to her clients too so they could experience what she experienced.

Crete is the biggest greek island and offers a beautiful and authentic wedding backdrop. By its superficy (8 335 km²), Crete is the biggest greeck island and the 5th biggest mediterranean island behind Corsica. The island is also known for its incredible cultural heritage, an unbelievable wealth. 

This little corner of paradise  is located in Europe, 2 hours away from Paris but such a change of scene. We want to propose to our clients the best wedding experience and after proposing weddings in Paris, we wanted to offer an other destination that suits us, our values and where the founder of Ceremonize herself said “Yes, I do”. The perfect location for a destination wedding, Crete.

Weddings on this Greek Island

Since 2009, we had the pleasure of accompanying more than 200 couples, met 15 nationalities and have been proposing to our clients weddings that are even up to clients expectations.

Our 14 years of expertise allows us to meet the expectations and beyond of our clients and propose weddings always more magical and unforghettable.

We make a point of only work with providers who strive to bring you complete satisfaction as we do and meet our values.

After 14 years of organising weddings in Paris, the city of Love, we decided to propose to our clients an other destination wedding and we immediately thought of Crète, for us, Crète is the best island of choice when wanting to elope in a magical place and not so known and crowded.

Crete weddings will offer you the magic of getting married on an Island, a paradisiac destination and the perfect backdrop for your elopement. What could be better than an small wedding in Crete?

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An island with

Crete is a gorgeous island that offers you any sceenery you could imagine. You can have the ceremony of your choice there and no matter what your vibe is. You can get maried in the most beautiful beaches, in an old church surrounded with this mediterranean atmosphere, mountains, authentic places and breathtaking views.
This island really have something for anyone and we are here to help you make your dreams come true in this romantic island.
Crete has many charms that make it an ideal location for a romantic wedding and elopements.

In addition to the different sceeneries it offers, this island and even this country is full of wedding traditions. One of them consist of writing the name of all the single guests on the bride’s wedding shoe and the names that disappeared at the end of the ceremony will be getting married soon.


Getting married legally in Greece is possible for all EU citizens and most countries in the world. It is also recognized as an official marriage in your home country. There are, however, a number of administrative formalities to be taken into account before you can get married there, but don’t panic, we are here to help you with this too.

So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t organise your dream wedding in Crete.

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