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Breathtaking views, authentic nature and backgounds, between sea and mountain. No doubt Crete Greece is a true paradise and offers unforgettable and authentic wedding experiences.

Crete is the biggest greek island and offers a beautiful and authentic wedding backdrop. This little corner of paradise  is located in Europe, 2 hours away from Paris but such a change of scene. The perfect location for a destination wedding, Crete.

Wedding in Crete

We can offer you different services : from an elopement just the two of you to a wedding reception wether it’s intimate or a big lavish affair.

Crete weddings will offer you the magic of getting married on an Island, a paradisiac destination and the perfect backdrop for your elopement. What could be better than an small wedding in Crete?

Getting married
on an island

At CEREMONIZE we know that organizing a wedding abroad can be a real headache. Virginie, the founder of CEREMONIZE, organized her own wedding in Crete. She went through the path you plan to take and experienced a magical, timeless moment. We understand your expectations and will provide you with a customized service. Get married on a beach in Crete, in an old church surrounded by this Mediterranean atmosphere, mountains, authentic places and always breathtaking views.

Civil wedding
in Crete Greece

Getting legally married in Greece is possible for all EU citizens and most countries in the world. It is also recognized as an official marriage in your home country. There are, however, a number of administrative formalities to be taken into account before you can get married there, but don’t panic, we are here to help you with this too.

So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t organise your dream wedding in Crete.

Weddins in Crete - traditions

Fees from 6.500€ for a full wedding planning in Crete

Packages from 2.000€ for elopement just the 2 of you or intimate weddings with less than 10 people