Wedding: do’s and don’ts

Weddings can be really hard to plan and sometimes you need to hear about some neewly wives feedbacks about this day. We all want this day to be the most exciting and special day ever but it can be hard to know what to do and what not to do in order to make the most of it and enjoy this day. Here are weddings: do and don’ts especially for you.

Wedding do’s:


1. Do plan some shows at your wedding:

We think that if you are getting married and want this day to be magical you can hire some providers that will make your wedding feels chic and elevated. You can for example hire a live painter; someone who will capture that moment in a different way, more fun, and a moment enjoyable for you two and your guests.

You can hire a wedding band or an acapella shows. That will be perfect to bring more emotions to your wedding than a simple DJ can do. We love that because we think it brings another dimension to the wedding and perfect for the sit down dinners.

2. What to do before the wedding:

Even before planning all of that you have to be conscious of what is your budget in total and what budget you can put on the table for each one of the expenses; food wise, music, the venue, wedding dresses… When you and your partner are decided on the budget breakdown you just have to stick to it.

You have to make sure that your budget is calculated in function of your budget obviously and also at which prices those expenses are in your town, if you are not sure of how calculating that you can also have some help and hire a wedding planner. It can only be great at that time to delegate to another person.

As for your partner, you have to get him involved in every aspect of this wedding, get space to his ideas because you are getting married together and don’t have to have all the pressure on your small shoulders.


3. Do a fancy food serving at your wedding:

If you want to have a wedding that feels a little bit fancier you can have a roaming raw bar which is basically the caterer serving meals to your guests without them having to get up for a buffet or having to sit down to enjoy the appetizers or cocktails.

You can also use a more casual but really nice way of serving food at a wedding: food trucks. These ones are really trendy right now and it is just because they are cool and perfect for any weddings.


Wedding dos and donts


Wedding don’ts:

1. Don’t do what others want you to do:

Don’t let anyone  (except you two) control your guest list, you don’t want to get married and look at the crowd feeling uncomfortable or feeling like you didn’t’ wanted some peoples to be here. You can do whatever you want and don’t let others opinions matter more than yours; even your mom’s or mother-in-law.

You are not forced to do anything it is your day and that goes for anything, if you don’t want to follow traditions you can, if you don’t want to wear a white dress you can, if you don’t want to invite someone even in your immediate family you can.

2. Don’t do too much:

Don’t do too many outfit changes, sparkler photos, too much spectacles. Try to do something at your image of course but still you can let down on some things so you can fully enjoy that moment, your moment.

If there are kids in your family and you plan on inviting them, make sure that you tell their parents that they are their responsibilities and they have to make sure that they stay in place. You can also plan a hole sitting spot for them with activities and food suitable for their ages or hire a baby-sitter for the night so everyone can enjoy their own party.


3.  Don’t forget to enjoy your time:

Weddings are really stressful, the planning is stressful and the day-of is stressful too but you have to calm down, accept that some things can goes not as planned and that’s okay, it is not because one thing is different than what you planned that the hole wedding is dead. Remember to have fun!

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