The unconventional wedding of Jacquemus: let’s talk about it

Simon Porte Jacquemus the fashion designer and Marco Maestri decided to get maried this 2022, august 27th and they decided to do so in an inconventional way…

That wedding made the web talk a lot this past week and this, for many reasons. The august, 27th 2022, was the day of the weding of the creator of the famous brand Jacquemus. A brand that managed to imopose itself in the luxury field for many seasons now because he knows exactly how to impress and propose collections always more feminine and forward-thinking.  The two men got married at Charleval in the south of France.  Their is several points that attracted our eyes on this singular wedding.

The atypical arrival of Jacquemus and Marco Maestri:

First of all, the two men arrived in front of the city hall escorted by the women of their lives namely Jacquemus’ grand-mother and Marco’s mother. Surprising no ?

Remember that traditionally, grooms arrive alone in front of the city hall whereas, the bride will be escorted by her father or mother.

Photo de Jacqemus et son compagnon célebrant à leur mariage
Photographe: hellmannsam

The choice of the wedding outfits at Jacquemus’ wedding:

As for the outfits, Simon, was dressed up in a black suit whereas his now, husband, was in a color cream suit. Often, in gay weddings, the two men tends to choose the same wedding attire.

But that is not all !

Jacquemus has had started the day with a simple veil in his suit’s pocket but he ended up putting on a white wedding dress to end his wedding’s party in the best way possible. That one took place not in a classic garden or wedding room but in a night club decorated for the occasion.

There, he will invite his guest to dress in a white wedding dress too. He had prepared 100 dresses for his guests to enjoy that special moment. The absolute forbidden color in every traditional weddings.

The wedding was also the occasion for the couple to break the codes of both heteros and gays wedding.

A special desert with a provocative taste:

It’s with the desert that the couple choose to stand on a plateform on top of cream puffs and announced that it was a dream for them to be the gay figurine to their wedding cake. That is something that is not very common in the actual stores and that is not right!

More than being procative, the need to use its influence to denounce:

We will keep in mind that Jacquemus wanted with this wedding to break the codes of a traditional wedding but not to be provocative but to raise awarness on the lack of consideration of the LGBTQ+ community in the society and that even with all the societal advances in this topic. The marriage for all no longer shocks but the acceptation path is still long.

This is why the collaboration between  Jacquemus and Urgence Homophobie has been created. They decided to join and develop a tee-shirt to support the LGBTQ+ community. All funds raised will be retourned to the association that acts for the respect of those people’s rights and the asylum-seekers.

Here is the link to shop this tee-shirt and above all support the lGBTQ+ community.

PS: As a Wedding Planner, the idea that we will keep of this wedding is the embroieded napkins at the grooms names for every guests. An original idea that we really loved.

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