Weddings at the bridge pont des Arts

Paris, the city of love is a destination of choice for all your destination weddings and the most gorgeous one in our eyes. If you want to organise your wedding in Paris don’t hesitate and contact us here so that you can enjoy our expertise, savoir-faire and our love for paris.


 1. History of the pont des Arts:


Crossing the Seine in the center of Paris, the Pont des Arts was known worldwide for being the “lovers’ bridge”. First metal bridge of the capital, it connects the quai de Conti at the level of the Institut de France, to the quai des Tuileries which borders the Louvre palace.

The tradition would come from Hungary or perhaps Cologne … and was imported on the Pont des Arts where lovers from all walks of life came to hang padlocks more or less imposing, of various shapes and colors, on which were engraved their names or their initials. The idea was to leave a trace of their love and their passage in the capital of romance.



Franchelle & Walter at Pont des Arts



2. Why get married at the Pont des arts :


Paris, city of Love, count several romantic places on his territory but the most romantic is without any doubt le pont des Arts. Located near the Louvre, it is touristic and popular place with perfect light and a perfect landscape. This is one of the favorites places of the romantics around the world. The bridge is a scene where we can play anything and get aplause.

For the lovers, it was once a tradition to come and put a padlocks on the bridge, now you can’t do that anymore but this is still symbol of love.

With the pont de Bir-Hakeim, the Pont des Arts is our favorite bridges in Paris in term of gorgeousness and symbol of romantism. Being in Paris, you have plenty of choice when looking for romantic spots but trust us, pont des arts is so amazing and a symbol of love with or without padlocks.



Nicole & Clayton at Pont des Arts



3. Fun facts about this love bridge :


The bridge was also featured in the final episode of “Sex and the City” and was described by British art historian Kenneth Clark as follows: What is civilization? I do not know. I can’t define it in abstract terms –yet. But I think I can recognise it when I see it: and I am looking at it now. Yes, it’s fair to conclude that this is one of the most iconic locations in Paris, and that means quite something!

Paris, the city of love, hosts multiple romantic but the Pont des Arts may be one of the most romantic ones. With its proximity to the Louvre, it is a popular tourist spot, and a go-to spot for most romantics.


Infos :

Address: Quai de Conti – Quai François Mitterrand – 75006 Paris

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