How to plan your french wedding in record time?

You want to plan your Parisian wedding in record time. Because you can’t imagine living without your other half any longer. Waiting two years to work out every detail seems unbearable.

All the more so, as external constraints may make it necessary to get married quickly, to follow the customs of your culture, a postponement of the wedding with the covid or constraints linked to a big departure to a new nation.


1) Finding the right ring and wedding outfit

The most important element, the wedding ring, which model will your heart be set on? If you have a little time. Once you have selected it, you will have time to receive your order or to make adjustments. However, we advise you to buy in person to avoid last minute inconveniences. To spare the hassle of going back and forth, we suggest that you go directly to the venue to try on your wedding rings. This way, you can enjoy a moment of sharing with your fiancé and benefit from the advice of a professional. The same goes for the wedding dress, there is nothing like a fitting on the spot to find the one that has been made for your body type.


2) Choose your wedding theme

You have opted for a wedding in the next few months, so your theme will be adapted to this imperative that you have set for yourself. It will generally be intimate or in very small groups. Project on the wedding of your dreams, the style, the atmosphere and the decoration that you wish. To do this, creating an inspiration board may well be helpful. Canva and Pinterest are particularly easy to use. They will help you to organise your ideas, but also to share your vision of your wedding with your wedding planner. What materials do you want to use for your wedding? How do you match the colours and flowers to your theme? There are many questions, but don’t panic. Our team of expert wedding planners is there to accompany you in each of these steps. This way, you will avoid the sleepless nights and the tiredness that precede the D-Day.

We can see a decorated wedding table
Planning : Ceremonize – Photographer : Yasmin Alesia – Flowers : Kahina


3) Choose a wedding venue

Finding a venue in such a short period of time can be tricky. However, there are several ways to celebrate your union. It can be a castle, a chapel, a museum, a manor house, a restaurant… So many exceptional places that we would not have suspected to celebrate your union. For intimate weddings, the reduced number of guests offers the possibility of locating cocktail and dinner in nice Parisian places. Have you ever thought of getting married on a weekday? This may well give you access to some of the more exclusive venues that are particularly popular on Saturdays.


4) The best Parisian wedding suppliers

As many suppliers and venues are in high demand, it will be difficult to ensure that you have a qualified team with you if you go it alone. The key here is to be well surrounded and flexible. Call on a renowned Parisian wedding planner, the Ceremonize team has expertise in this field and has been doing so for over ten years, since 2009. This way, you can benefit from personalised advice in the choice of service providers. We will give you access to our address book for which we have taken care to select qualified artisans (gastronomy, decorator, photographer, etc).

On this picture, a bride has her hair done by a professional
Planning : Ceremonize – Photo : Ludovic Ismael


Finally, listen only to your heart, if you feel the need to get married in record time. Know that nothing is impossible as long as you have the will.

Also, we are committed to accompany you in this beautiful process, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. It can be hard to plan a wedding in a really short amount of time but it can also be the best weddings ever like Lisa and Mark’s one.



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