Unique wedding locations

When you get married, you want your wedding day to be totally unforgettable. Emotions, atmosphere, and the bride and groom themselves all contribute to this, but another way to make an impression is by where you choose to say “I do”. The options for your big day are truly limitless: get married in mid-air, in a theatre, on a train, underwater…it’s your moment, you can do as you please! Here are some ideas for unique and unforgettable weddings.


Mother nature

Who hasn’t dreamt of a beautiful boat wedding in the middle of the ocean, or aboard a barge in the heart of Paris? Outdoor weddings with a natural bent are very popular, and with good reason. What could be more romantic than getting hitched on the beach or in a forest clearing? Another choice that is perhaps less popular but nonetheless gorgeous and original is to get married in the snow, in the mountains or elsewhere. Picture the scene: a firework display over the snow-capped mountains to celebrate your special day, with blankets to keep your guests warm, and cosy chalets to retire to.

An option for lovers of the deep blue sea is to get married underwater. In a swimming pool or in the ocean, diving aficionados can tie their passion into their marriage ceremony. Exchanging rings may be a bit risky, but at least you’ll have some great memories!

garden wedding ceremony paris

Charm is the key


Other couples may prefer something slightly simpler but equally as exciting. You could opt for charming and unexpected spots such as Parisian wine cellars to celebrate your marriage. Vaulted ceilings and soft lighting would certainly lend themselves to a rather spectacular atmosphere.

where to organise my wedding in Paris
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Elena Usacheva


Historically, castles have been one of the most popular places to get married. Whether your style is more Antique, Renaissance, or Classical, there’s somewhere to match your tastes. You’ll feel like a count and countess as you make your way through stunning surroundings towards the altar.

If you don’t want to splash out on renting a castle or cellar, you can still have a unique ceremony without breaking the bank. Opt for an outdoors ceremony at night, and celebrate your vows with flying lanterns. It’s simple, stunning, and a memory that will last forever.


If you’re not one to follow in others’ footsteps, there are infinite options to create a truly unique wedding!


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