6 original ideas to organise an unusual wedding

You dream of a very special wedding?


More and more couples that we assist ask us to organise an unusual wedding in Paris that match their profile. The word “unusual” takes a different meaning according to each couple.

I will shortly get to that term in detail. What is certain is that there is no way for these couples to live a regular day, meaning : a civil ceremony at the city hall, followed by a religious or a non-denominational ceremony, a feast and finally a party until dawn in some reception venue.


Who are the couples that wish to organise an unusual wedding?


The couples that we assist come from all over the world: Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, South America, Turkey or even South Africa.

Since these couples do not want a regular wedding in their country, they don’t have the same expectations. This is why some of them have unusual needs. Here’s 6 of their original ideas that might inspire you for your own customized wedding in Paris.

Getting married in Paris in a small committee

When we get married, the custom is to invite all sorts of people, including people that we haven’t seen in years, or even friends of our parents that we don’t even know. But it seems that inviting them is “the right thing to do”.

However, when you organise an unusual wedding, it is not about respecting certain traditions, not even this one.

An unusual wedding can be about limiting your event to 50 people at the most. The smallest wedding we organised contained 5 people, including the wedded couple.

It is relatively easy for couples with a small family but relatively difficulty for large ones. Thus, it is a matter of personal choice.

The benefit of a small committee wedding is that you can fully enjoy the company of each guest, and have some quality time with them.

It can also be a financial advantage since 50% of the budget’s wedding is going to the caterer and the reception venue and they both depend on the number of guests. But is also a great way to enjoy yourself: instead of having to make concessions with a budget for a wedding hosting 100 people like some couples do, you can have much more fun in a small committee wedding.

For instance: organising activities in Paris for all of your guests or a wedding that lasts all day or even, as one of our couples did recently, having dinner in a small group in a starred restaurant.


Organising a non-denominational ceremony

The non-denominational ceremony is suited for couples that don’t live in France and don’t respond to the criteria for a legal wedding in France.

To make your wedding unusual with a non-denominational ceremony, you just have to organise it in an unexpected place such as the garden of a Parisian museum, a rooftop with a stunning view of Paris or even in a historical salon. We can also imagine an original scenery where chairs would be disposed in a snail shape instead of following a traditional theater disposition, or making a surprising entrance, inventing an original ritual or even organising a night wedding.

garden wedding ceremony paris


Invite your guest to join you in several places

In order to pace the day and avoiding being stuck in one place, why not organising a non-denominational ceremony in a first venue, followed by the vin d’honneur in a different one and then end your day beautifully in a final place.

However, it means that there will be a lot of work in terms of organisation. Therefore, a small committee wedding is not necessarily easier to organise than a big wedding. Keep calm, our team is specialised in intimate weddings. They will assist you with great pleasure.


Offering activities

We’re not talking about activities organised in the reception venue here but about activities that will keep your guests busy during the day. For instance, organising a city tour in a vintage bus or a river cruise tour, visiting a museum or even organising your vin d’honneur in a party bus.

Obviously, this kind of activities require a small committee (40 people at the most) or it can easily get tricky.

It can also be a good idea to organise an activity if your non-denominational ceremony happens in the morning or in the beginning of the afternoon and you don’t want to leave your guests alone for hours and meet them only at diner time!


intimate wedding paris


Unusual lunch or dinner receptions

The simple idea of offering an unusual meal format can make your wedding unique. By original we mean a standing lunch or dinner depending if you organise a wedding or a diner lunch.

Obviously, you will have to plan a few seated spots, but the idea is to offer a finger-food buffet that can be easily eaten standing, without any plates or cutlery.

This is a warm format that enables people to circulate easily among them.

Nowadays, the caterers offer many original ideas, far away from the regular canapés: hot mini-meals, fun culinary animations, creative bites, cocktail bars where guests can create their own recipes… In a nutshell, something that will feed all the picky eaters.


intimate wedding reception paris


Travel with your guests

You’d rather like a beach ceremony with coconuts in the background? Then why not fly to the West Indies with your guests and get married in this idyllic place?

Or yet, organise a stepwise wedding, following the example of one our French couple expatriate in London who organised their non-denominational ceremony in London followed by a lunch. After that, they went to Paris where the group gathered together to spend the day and a beautiful evening. Finally, everybody met up for brunch in Deauville.

What about you? How will your small committee wedding turn out? If you want to know about weddings in Paris.

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