What to wear to a wedding ?

When you are invited to a wedding, your first reaction will be excitement – here is a chance to celebrate with the people you love! But then comes the big question: “what will I wear?” Don’t panic, Ceremonize is here to advise you on what to wear to your next wedding event!


What to avoid


The big no-no? WHITE, of course! This colour belongs to the bride, so you don’t want to overshadow her by arriving in head-to-toe white (even off-white, ivory, or light beige!) Even if the bride isn’t opting for a traditional wedding or isn’t getting married in white, this is a long-standing rule of wedding etiquette that shouldn’t be broken.

Black is also a difficult one, and is a colour that should be left to the experts. Even if it is a timelessly chic hue, it must be used sparingly. If you opt for a black dress or suit you must accessorise well, with coloured shoes, jewellery, or even a bag, so that your outfit doesn’t seem gloomy or sad. So while black needn’t be completely avoided, it should be treated with caution!

what to wear to a wedding ideas
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Yasmin Alesia

Dress, trousers, or jumpsuit?


Whichever you like! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. If you like wearing dresses, now is the moment to get your favourites out of the wardrobe! If you feel less at ease in a skirt, why not opt for trousers? You can go for straight or pleated, or even white denim if you’re not wearing head-to-toe ivory and you pair it with a silky coloured or pastel blouse (otherwise, it’s best to avoid jeans). You could also compromise with a jumpsuit – one piece but two legs. This is an elegant and fashionable option that makes for perfect wedding style! Choose whatever colour you like (apart from white, if we haven’t made it clear enough already!) and wear it with some glamourous court shoes for a beautifully refined look. In terms of colours, you could opt for pastel hues or prints. Often, the wedding’s theme is laid out in the save-the-date, and brides are often pleased to see that guests have made the effort to tie in with their wedding colours.

ideas what to wear to a wedding as a guest
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Elena Usacheva


A word of advice from Ceremonize, don’t hesitate to bring a new outfit and/or a new pair of shoes to switch things up between the ceremony and the reception. That way, you can be sure that you’ll be comfortable enough to dance the night away!


How about accessories?


Hat, scarf, clutch, jewellery, let your imagination roam free! Often, it’s accessories that make the outfit. A simple dress or jumpsuit isn’t half as effective without a necklace, belt, or clutch. Have fun, but get it right. If you’re wearing drop earrings or a necklace, add bracelets or a cuff so that the top half isn’t getting all the attention. Weddings are also a good excuse to dig out your heels. Again, choose the shape and colour of your shoes to your outfit (avoid very high heels with a short dress, and don’t fall into the trap of matching your shoes to your dress). Last but not least, the clutch is the must-have accessory for a wedding. More elegant than a handbag, there is a clutch bag for every taste. They often come with a little handle, so that you can carry it in your hand or over the shoulder – whichever is the most practical. It’s not every day that you get to bring out your favourite party bag, so enjoy it!


So now, the next time you receive a wedding invitation there’s no need to worry – you know exactly what you’re going to wear!



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