7 trends for 2021 weddings

2021 here we are! It is certain that the pandemic will have called into question traditional weddings, and will have allowed us to reflect on ways of “doing things differently”.  Weddings in small groups, local consumption and more responsible consumption, we give you seven 2021 trends to remember!


A local and responsible meal

No more long traditional and formal meals. Today’s trend? Meals with seasonal ingredients, obviously using our local suppliers. Green menus are more and more in the spotlight, many caterers are sensitive to these environmental issues and offer dishes that appeal to everyone.

Another trend is vegan dishes!

trends in 2021

An intimate and chic wedding

Intimist wedding have become the trend. Indeed, in 2021, no more weddings with 300 guests, the focus is on warm weddings with your closest friends and family. By reducing the list of guests, the remaining budget will allow you to invest it in other intimate pleasures or services.

2021 wedding trends
Wedding planner : Ceremonizz – Photographer : Yasmin Alesia


A house rather than a huge castle

Who says wedding in small groups, says enormous place of reception? Absolutely not! Why not organize a more cosy wedding in a private place, in a hidden place or even in a house?

Another option, the gigantic castle can be replaced by a villa located directly on the beach and reserved for a whole weekend.


An outfit made localy

No more wedding dress and suit made in China. We advocate the Made in local, there are certainly talented creators around you.

paris wedding planner
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photo : Elena Usacheva


The trend of dried flowers

You see them everywhere, on social networks, in magazines, as a decorative element, or even as a bouquet… it is dried flowers that are in the spotlight and that can sublimate your wedding.

Good news…find your dried flowers by going for a walk, you can find them everywhere !

wedding trends for 2021
Coordinator : Ceremonize – Decorator : Kahina events – Photographer : Daria Lorman


An eco-friendly wedding

When you think green wedding, you think eco-friendly wedding. To do so, you can use recycled paper! You can also decorate your invitations with natural elements.

You want to go even further? More and more brides and grooms are sending their paper digital! Don’t hesitate to read our article dedicated to ecofriendly weddings : 5 steps for an ecological wedding

trends for weddings in 2021
Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Yasmin Alesia


What do you see as the trends for 2021?

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