How to organize your amazing autumnal wedding in Paris

 The tendency has changed, and we may agree that it is more pleasant to get married in the warmth of September or October than during the unpredictable summer.  It had become so popular to say “Yes, I do” in autumn…

… Especially if this is in Paris the city of love! Would you dare to celebrate your extraordinary “Mariage à la française”?

If you are fond of traditional gastronomy, romantic décor, aesthetic based on the French way of life. Please take the plunge by immersing yourself in the following lines…

This article is made for you. So, we will reveal you some tips to organise your wedding in the idyllic French autumnal décor!


1/ The warmth of autumn

Ladies, you might be worried that your eyes make-up runs under 40 degrees of heat. Don’t panic, there are practical solutions that are very easy to implement.

The mild autumn months are your best ally to enjoy the delights of late summer!

It is more than important that you feel comfortable in your beautiful wedding dress. No one should pay the cost of fickle weather.

For this occasion, we recommend you to wear a long-sleeved or a bohemian-chic dress with floral lace details and flowing fabrics. In the heart of autumn and for evenings that tend to get cooler, don’t hesitate to wear a shawl or a small bolero.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Ludovic Ismael

2/ Low season and calm

The autumn months give you a significant advantage in this respect. This period is less popular for the French people attached to the tradition to get married in spring or summer.

So, you have a wider range of choices on offer (venues, restaurants, cultural sites). Note also that the low season can only flatter your wallet, it is the law of supply and demand!

The service providers will be even more willing to pamper you in the organisation of your wedding.

We may also choose higher services by changing your travelling class for business.

Do not hesitate to surprise your loved one with a champagne glass or a French wine before landing on the capital of love, Paris!

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Ludovic Ismael

3/ The inspiration of vibrant colours

Warm colours, not pumpkins! Don’t think that getting married in autumn necessarily means choosing an atypical decoration inspired by Halloween. Yes, there are beautiful pumpkins in autumn, but there are also lovely flowers that have the power to soften even the hearts of stone…

Let yourself be tempted by the natural beauty of French flowers, respecting their seasonality. The warm orange and pink shades will win your heart. Each season has its surprises, and we’re going to tell you about a few of them…

The dahlia is revealed in all its forms and colours to signify a faithful love. There is something for everyone, and if you prefer fruity notes, the “candy tree” (callicarpa) will delight you. This small fruit tree reminds us of the beautiful autumn vines with its bright, purple colours.

Last little tip, to give your wedding a little romance effect, you can combine your floral decoration with raw elements such as dried flowers, bark, moss, pine cones, the flamboyant red dress of autumn leaves…

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Elena Usacheva

4/ Enjoy the beauty of the Parisian landscapes

The sumptuous luminosity of the autumn months will give a natural touch to your photos. Whether outdoors or indoors, the pastel-coloured autumn landscape will make your photo album mythical. We therefore advise you to play with seasonal contrasts during this period. For example, you can combine the mild autumnal temperatures to take advantage of short walks during the day (gardens, esplanades, cultural sites) and end on a warmer note by enjoying the conviviality of a Parisian restaurant.

We have noticed that the season you choose for your wedding will bring a different touch to the decoration, but also a unique vibe.

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : Elena Usacheva

5/ Atypical themes

The magic of autumn puts the emphasis on poetic themes and thus enhance the essential: your union in a spirit of conviviality to commune with family and friends.

There are as many weddings as there are stories to be told, each of them has that little touch of originality.

What does this mean in practice?

On the one hand, we observe a valorisation of raw objects and natural materials, whether mineral or organic, such as linen, leather or terracotta. This is why country folk decoration will privilege wooded objects (tables) and play with other textures such as iron or scrap metal. Thus, it will not be strange to place a horseshoe on the table decoration or to use everyday objects as decoration. Aesthetics are meant to be natural and above all attached to the meaning you give them.

These themes take on a lively and dynamic dimension to ultimately serve all the guests, the sharing, the common experience to be lived.

The animations are the beating heart of these very pure themes. We could take the example of natural confetti made from leaves. For those who are nostalgic for their childhood, we offer another option: “autumn propellers” (dried maple flowers), which are very eco-friendly and much less painful than the traditional grains of rice!

Finally, when it comes to guest gifts, treat yourself! Add your own personal touch by offering engraved mini bottles of French wine, seasonal jams (mirabelle plums, blackberries, blueberries), candles with fruity and woody scents (with autumnal colours!)

Wedding planner : Ceremonize – Photographer : estudio Dita


For those who are still not convinced, we will invite you to continue this autumnal stroll towards the magic of winter in our previous article on Winter weddings in Paris.

If you would like more tips and advice on how to organise your autumn wedding, please contact us. Our team of wedding planners will be pleased to help in achieving your dreams.

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