Paris wedding packages

We here at Ceremonize have only just finished celebrating our 12th birthday, and we are already preparing for 2021/2022 season of wedding planning with every ounce of excitement we had in the beginning. Aware that lots of our couples come from far flung places, and many use a currency other than the Euro. This can […]

Marriage superstitions, proverbs, and traditions: Ceremonize tells you all

the different wedding traditions

If you have ever been to a wedding or are in the middle of planning your own, you have surely noticed that marriage is a sacrament simply swimming in superstitions. Many wedding traditions are very well-established (as your parents and grandparents will surely tell you!). Today, we at Ceremonize want to fill you in on […]

Marriage and name changes

choose between your family name and your spouse's name

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when a couple say “I do”, the woman takes her husband’s surname. but it doesn’t have to be that way! Ceremonize are here today to fill you in on the ins and outs of name changes.   Family name or preferred name?   There is a distinction to […]

Children’s entertainment for your wedding


At your wedding, you want to be sure that everybody has a good day. And that means everybody! The bride and groom, family, friends…and even the kids! That’s why it can be a good idea to make sure that children are occupied throughout the day, so that they have fun and their parents can have […]

What to wear to a wedding ?

what to wear to a wedding

When you are invited to a wedding, your first reaction will be excitement – here is a chance to celebrate with the people you love! But then comes the big question: “what will I wear?” Don’t panic, Ceremonize is here to advise you on what to wear to your next wedding event!   What to […]

Choosing your wedding cake

traditionnal french wedding cake croquembouche

The most memorable moment of your wedding day may well be your wedding cake.   For those of you who have decided to come to France to get married, know that there is a huge range of options for your wedding cake. After all, isn’t France the world’s gastronomic capital? A choux or macaron centrepiece? […]

Unique wedding favours

original ideas of wedding favours

It’s a longstanding wedding tradition that the bride and groom offer their guests a small gift as a thank you for attending and a memento of the big day.   Traditionally, these gifts were small bags of sweets. But what if you fancied something a little more original?   A photographic gift   To ensure […]

The story of an atypical couple

wedding in paris

Organizing a Paris getaway at the last hour within three weeks has almost become a routine at Ceremonize! This is the story of a married couple traveling to Paris and who decide to renew their vows at the last hour. Jennifer and Philip contacted us three weeks before their arrival in Paris to help them […]

Wedding tattoos

wedding tattoos

Certain brides want a traditional wedding, while others prefer to shake things up with a step towards the unconventional. Matching tattoos for the bride and groom are becoming more and more popular with couples who want a permanent memory of their big day.   WHY GET A WEDDING TATTOO? Why not? Tattoos have a very […]

Organising a surprise wedding

surprise wedding

Couples are going crazy for surprise weddings. The idea is simple: gather all your guests without telling them why, and then once they’re all in place, surprise them by getting married! Just choose your backstory – a baptism, a weekend away with friends, a birthday party for your significant other, and there you have it! […]