The main role of the wedding planner? To coordinate and highlight the most beautiful day of the life of the future bride and groom: their wedding.


Before getting to the heart of the matter, you should know that wedding planner means “wedding planner” in French.The organization of a wedding remains a long and heavy project for the bride and groom. This is why more and more future brides and grooms use a wedding planner to organize part or all of their wedding.Entrusting a professional with the organization of the most beautiful day of their lives allows the bride and groom to save time, to avoid permanent stress during the organization and to be zen on your wedding day.

Why choose a wedding planner? What are the advantages? We tell you everything!

the role of a wedding planner


The role of a wedding planner?

The purpose of a wedding planner is to guide and advise you. It is the one who will direct you towards the providers, choices, while respecting your desires and your budget. She will never make the choices for you but will bring her expertise to make sure that this choice is the best for you.

The wedding planner has the role of intermediary between the bride and groom and is in charge of selecting the professionals and setting up the meetings. These meetings will allow you to exchange on the products/services you want, to make adjustments and to validate these steps for the D-day. The wedding planner also accompanies you in the organization of the reception, the search for places, the choice of invitations (…).

On the D-day, the wedding planner is present to coordinate the whole wedding and the providers and make sure that on that day, everything goes perfectly!


the role of a wedding planner


The advantages of a wedding planner :


  • To save time

It’s no secret that organizing your wedding takes a lot of time, you have to organize it at least 1 year in advance.

This is why using a wedding planner is a real relief, you only need to attend a few appointments but the most important will be done by the wedding planner.


  • To avoid stress

No more stress! By being accompanied by a professional, you can count on her to take care of wedding planning and the unexpected.


  • For a controlled budget

A complicated criterion for many future brides and grooms! Couples set a budget, but it is not always respected or even exceeded. Many couples accept benefits well beyond their budget. The wedding planner with a full address book will know who to contact to respect your budget.


  • For ideas that fuse

A wedding planner for quality, creativity! An overflowing imagination that will make your dreams and desires come true.


  • No more surprises on the day

With a wedding planner, don’t panic! You won’t have to run around because that’s also its role: to manage the unexpected. Whether it is during the organization of the wedding or on the D-day, the wedding planner will take care of absolutely everything.


Follow a wedding planner training


Wedding planner cannot be improvised! It is indeed necessary to be trained in techniques and tools.

The Ecole de formation aux métiers du mariage (EFMM) offers training in all aspects that will allow you to create your wedding planner agency and to become a business manager.

They are led by professionals with several years of experience and experts in their field.

“Our experience in the field, our work processes, and our willingness to share all this with you, all accompanied by a state-recognized RNCP title, guarantee you a complete and quality training”.




Be careful not to confuse the job of wedding planner with that of wedding designer.

We hope you enjoyed this article! You will soon find our article “The 4 advantages of using a wedding designer“.